The Stars War: Tumblr or WordPress

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People say, everyone to his trade. But, what should we consider while speaking about the blog building platforms? Their amount is increasing frequently, many extend their functionality to the delusory one, while others keep the strict traditional stability. Even when you look through the abilities of blog platforms, you understand they definitely have different appropriations. So, how to choose the One?

Today, we are going to focus our searching on two of most popular platforms – Tumblr and WordPress. But, initially you have to notice that the right blog tool is not the matter of extended functionality, but your site development depends on your web page activity.

Tumblr Galaxy

Usually, Tumblr building service sparks off the dialectical feelings among the bloggers. They are either its faithful fans or desperate adversaries. So, what is Tumblr apple of discord? The reason is concealed in the available functionality that is suitable for some peculiar cases.

  • Visual Representation
    The interface with the big pictures is mostly suitable for the visual presentation of your blog topic. For instance, if you’re a photographer, artist or you just offer some products that should be publicly displayed.
  • Social Media Like
    One more peculiarity of is the similarity to the social media network, usually, it’s compared with Twitter. You’ll be able to follow and be followed, share and promote your publications quickly and effectively.

  • Plain Blog Format Only
    In case you want to run a business blog, hold on and think considerably. For such type of blogs it’s better to choose more appropriate CMS platform that allows you to create the rich content with all the necessary documentation, SEO options and other benefits.

    WordPress Milky Way

WordPressIn contrast to Tumblr, WordPress usually serves for the blog or even websites management with more extended functionality. But, if you think WordPress is less user friendly, you’re mistaken. You don’t have to learn much with WordPress, it’s a convenient tool both for blog beginners and website developers. With WordPress, you may get a blog with a number of attractive options:

  • Multiple Functionality
    For the full-value blog, WordPress comprises the complex options for blog management. You don’t have to be the website guru to work with WordPress, but very soon you will definitely become a website pro. This CMS platform offers the original extensions, various design solutions, and flexible operations.
  • SEO Solutions: Pop-Blog
    With WordPress, you may add the plugins that will help you with search engine optimization. Just keep the rules of the right content management and WordPress makes it best to get more blog traffic. WordPress provides your dashboard with the keywords, meta description to get your posts higher ranking. While in the case with Tumblr your SEO options are limited to certain HTML coding editing.
  • Professional Look
    In contrast to Tumblr, WordPress has the whole arsenal of design theming solutions. The choice varies considerably. You may choose the free theme or even more original variant  – Premium Theme on a paying basis.
  • Rich Content Creation
    Consequently, WordPress tool provides you with more abilities to create the complete and extended content with posts, pictures, pages (both static and dynamic). WordPress is a pretty good CMS platform for making money running a blog. Also, it’s possible to expand your blog with an online store with some WordPress plugins.

Blog Migration: Stars Collision

Ultimately, the choice of a blog builder tool depends on your web project purpose. Analyze your product or service peculiarities, target audience and the optimal offer presentation. In case you already run your blog on Tumblr, think about the new opportunities which you can reach with WordPress. More likely your weblog will embrace the new format that may shorten your way to the top.

So, you are thinking about WordPress for your professional blog management, but you want to avoid all that start-from-scratch stuff? With aisite, you even don’t have to worry about that! Export Tumblr to WordPress with all the content including pages, posts, tags, all your images and SEO URLs automatedly. From now, your blog switching is smooth and fast process.

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