The Website Migration Agency

With a long history in digital design and development we now focus entirely on website migrations.
This is our mission.

We’re small

We’re not ashamed to admit that we're a small business, a startup. We like small. It provides agility. We move quickly and apply laser-like focus without bureaucracy.

Unrelenting R&D

Research & Development is our fuel. Never stop learning. The data never stops! The market and tools available change daily. Passion drives our learning.

Baked in Security

There is no denying cybercrime exists. We guard our clients data and privacy as if it was our own. Everything we deploy has a security backdrop.

We are not perfect

We have made our share of mistakes along the way. He who has done nothing is really the only one who has made a mistake!

We are on a mission

To help customers migrate their websites with ease. Liberating businesses to get into the systems that suit them the best, whilst avoiding the established barriers.

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aisite is THE website migration agency – We’ll Give You More….

Major clients included

Target, Mercedes Benz, Cue, St John, Coles, 7Eleven, Nissan, Paddlepop, The Royal Show, Interactive, Adidas, Specsavers, Nandos, Cold Rock, Tiger Mist, NCI, Defence Health, Bauer Media, Webjet, Bosch, Woolworths, Tassal, Simplot, Oceanspray, NAB, Qantas, Canon, United Petroleum, Air New Zealand, Repco, Carsales, EasyMarkets and many many more well known brands.
Our History

Looking Back

In 2000 I started what turned out to be a Digital Agency. Some early team members are still with me. We did not think as of ourselves as anything but web designers until about 2005. In 2001, I started calling us Gee Multimedia. In July 2008 Jeremy, my brother-in-law, joined. Including Jeremy and I we now had a team of 16 absolute gun designers and developers.
We were in the right place at the right time. Everyone wanted websites, I had become really good at making them with my now well oiled team, and pretty good at selling them. Business was good. I was also, like in many studios at the time, doing everything. Selling, managing projects, project meetings, designing, changing the ink in the printer !

For the record what drove me towards websites was working at Ansett and then Air New Zealand, mostly with data, and as time went on more and more online. Starting with their intranet, then quickly being moved on to the internet facing stuff. I guess I was an analyst that became a developer on my own. They liked what I was doing in this ‘new’ field. So on I went. Through the transition of Ansett going broke and then getting bought by Air New Zealand, I continued working on their online stuff. But my core job was database development for the takeover of Ansett by Air New Zealand. They wanted me to figure out how to match up like 6000 employees combined. On every conceivable metric. Both organisations had totally different organisational structures. It was a mess to begin with, but I developed a system to correlate the datasets and gained fast adoption in both separate companies throughout every layer of management and operations. It was a giant mapping and deployment operation. I developed the whole system with a focus on interface design. That’s what everyone wanted, usability. Anyway….

It really was a fantastic job. I was loving it and was super proud to work for such an esteemed organisation, Air New Zealand. 

I had decided to devote my life to digital in the field of aviation. It was an exhilarating blend of travel and design. Add to that was actual travel. And many perks, with great pay, for that time anyway. But then the travelling got too much and the design work was too bureaucratic. Everyone wanted to pile into online. And I was there at the heart of it. And as such they said this is it, move to Auckland and do this, or it is not going to work out. I had been travelling there 25 times a year, commuting. It made sense, and I was so sick of travelling. And it was unnecessary travel but they wouldn’t listen to me, that I could do it from Swanston street here, or anywhere really. Especially in today’s WFH world. Even back then it was preposterous. They treated me so well and the future was rosy, but I just could not move to Auckland.
So I had to decline and I started on my own, only because I could not get a job. Interview after interview, I couldn’t land a job. I think I really didn’t want one and that must have shone through (I hope!). So I started working from home – I was already used to it and friends and family got me my first few gigs to prove I could design and build their businesses a website or upgrade their existing one. Some had them at the time but they sucked. My late Father, MHDSRIP, helped me get my first few bigger name clients. He backed me. After working a year or so on my own at home he gave me the money to get a kick ass laptop and screens and some space in the office he was in. Dad was an accountant, he finally thought I had something that looked like a chance. There were many previous entrepreneurial failures. So from then he became the Chairman of Gee Multimedia then, 2003. My work was good, it got me more clients.
And moving forward Jeremy had put a rocket under Gee, he started off slow because he was new to the field, but he caught on really fast and we grew together from there. We fired each other up. We worked well together and we found niche targets and covered them with vigour. The strategy worked well. At one point I reckon we were doing work for every Advertising Agency in the city. We even had jobs from different ad agencies for the same end client ! Agencies were our main focus, because they had project flow, and couldn’t do digital well. Their clients’ needs for digital were growing. That was our niche. We got to work on huge brands and they were all amazing years.
And as they say yada yada yada here we are now. We all decided, well except for our Chairman, to go and do what we all love. The point of my story is that my driver has been the same from the start. To produce great looking, interoperable, websites that have amazing user interface and experience.
By 2005 the Web Builders were in full swing, only I didn’t know. Wix was viewed as bit of novelty, no big risk there! We were too caught up now in our path which was service based, delivery based. We had to keep our heads down. The years passed and the Web Building systems like WIX were flying. But it was just the start for them. We didn’t see a threat from these systems, for a few reasons. Firstly the systems were not very good. You needed devs. And secondly a lot of inbound calls started to come in from businesses wanting to get off DIY web builders and into custom systems. So we kept building custom systems.
But the clouds were forming in the background of the sexy digital agency game. I could see that our market was going to be seriously eroded. Our special and unique services and service. They were cool for a good 10 years, if that’s really a long time!?
So as we built for others. Wix et al built for themselves. And they built incredible systems. I simply could not see any future in competing with them, why bother, when they are doing such a great job. Don’t get me wrong they are not perfect, but these are enterprise grade systems available to small businesses. It just seems to still be tricky getting a decent website. And impossible to deliver profitably if more of the process does not get automated. So that seemed like the natural next step for us to take.

So in an endeavour to learn more about AI and ML and Data Science, we have been programming our system as a team for more than 2 years. We are trying to distill our domain expertise into a more useful product that enhances the user experience at a low cost and promotes the systems we admire – as systems, and businesses too I suppose. If their systems weren’t so good now, why would their businesses be so massive? And what about the whole marketplace layer of Fiverr, Upwork, 99Designs, DesignCrowd, Freelancer that support this vertical. And the asset libraries that underpin and compliment that. UnSplash, Pixabay, iStock and on it goes.

Back to Innovation

We understand the ins and outs of web production. Our team has been doing so for over 20 years. We have executed all kinds of websites, digital innovations and systems.
We set out specifically some years ago to elevate the web design and production process. We decided to weave our experience and knowledge of what makes a slick modern site into a learning machine that does it for you. We saw many routines and operations that could be automated, or refined.
Our mission was to make ourselves obsolete! Freeing clients from the pain points of website upgrades and liberating their time to spend on their businesses.


Pretty tough start, lots of begging and pleading.


More begging and pleading for opportunities.


Pretty much the same as 2001, a very hard slog.


Hired my first full time employee – pretty stressful year. He turned out great to be a great developer for a very long time.


Hired our second full time employee, this time we needed a Designer.


Hired our 3rd and 4th employee, perhaps actually made a decent profit.


Was a lot like 2005 with a lot of 2001 thrown in.


We had a good year, started to find our feet.


Hit a stride here, was good year, Jeremy joins the team.


Was a replay of 2008, lots of change and learning.


Steady growth, team has grown, numbers have grown.


Amazing growth – Bought outright new office, Jeremy makes partner.


Steady growth...


Steady growth...


Was a great year, this was a big leap forward for us.


Built on 2014 - Record numbers.


Steady growth but clouds forming.


Lots of changes in the industry and amongst our team. Every year has its challenges, in every business, not just ours.


Getting worn down. Missing being innovative and relegated to sales and management, the desire to build our own products grew much stronger. Gee Digital effectively becomes


We agreed to take the plunge. Do what we each wanted to do, the three of us. We sold our office and headed off to set up whatever we actually wanted to do. I chose to return to my roots. Data and User Design. Gee continues with a slimmed down team and is born, even though it was conceived by myself and Shannon many years earlier. Our first funding round was secured.


Programming, lots of programming, testing and tonnes of research & Development. Special thanks to our Investors, who we call Partners, and special thanks to the Government's R & D Programs that support AI.


After just over 2 years with a team of 6, we developed our AI as it relates to websites. Released the first version of Second round of funding secured.



Stealth MVP

You can't start a fire without a spark - the Boss. Over 700 migrations in October. Grateful to our team for our strongest month. Successful migrations in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Brazil, Malaysia, Poland, Canada, Israel, Austria, Argentina, Australia, Singapore, Egypt, Hong Kong, Portugal, Japan and of course the USA (California, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, Vermont, Georgio, Rhode Island, Nevada, New Jersey, Alberta, Maryland, Espirito Santo, Pennsylvania, Mato Gosso, Kentucky and Texas). Gratitude and thankyou to each and every one of our customers this month.



Another solid month of website migrations - over 750 website migrations worldwide. Record sales. Thanks to our users this month is the USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Austria, France, Canada, Denmark, Argentina, Spain, Haiti, Mexico, South Africa, Ireland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Portugal, Reunion (yes it is a country) and the Netherlands.




We launched our MVP proper

A lot of testing and changes and much work to do. Sales and traffic continue upwards.



Our best month so far

A new record for us

We are on track for growth and we have a new mission, to become THE migration agency. Sales from all over the world again. An exciting month.



Record Revenue Month

Our best month in sales yet

We have much to do but have now signed up a few SaaS customers and DaaS sales were stronger than ever.




R&D, Investment & Support

We are blessed to have a cohort of supporting partners and experienced advisors.


A special gratitude to the Australian Government who have supported and encouraged us, with a combination of government schemes, especially their Research & Development Grant Program.