Entering A New Home. Joomla To WordPress Post-Migration To-Do List

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We wouldn’t hurry to say that after all the content is transferred, you can sit back relaxing and looking how now your website works. There’s a plenty of work to be done before ‘coffee-and-cookies’ time enjoying your fruitful results.

One small note, before moving forward. Have you looked through this pre-migration and that during-migration guides? If not, then you probably want a successful scenario for your switch, don’t you?

(Yes, yes, we insistently recommend you to read these two articles before you even thought of migration).

All of the mentioned above is done? Then make yourself comfortable and read, oh, we meant, ‘do’.

What to do after Joomla To WordPress migration, anyway?

First, Make Sure You’ve Taken Care Of SEO

Set 301 redirects to inform search engines about your move. This will redirect your old website URLs to the new ones along with your users and visitors. 301 redirects will help you to preserve your traffic and ‘move’ it to the new website.

Don’t forget to generate sitemaps, an important detail which helps search engines to index your website, informs search engines of your crawlable URLs.

For a couple of weeks, traffic may slightly vary, though don’t be afraid of it; it’s only a temporary change if you did everything correct.

Is Your Content OK?

Check if your content after Joomla to WordPress migration is all good and pay attention to the links if they are safe and sound. Make sure your domain name is active and working.

Otherwise, remigration

Migration restart might be required if:

  • the data which is aimed for migration got harmed because of incorrect CMS installation (doesn’t matter which one, your current platform or a new one);
  • the data might be incompatible with 3d party extensions or corrupted by them;
  • relationships between entities may be broken in the process of customization.

Though, don’t worry, remigration service comes at 50% of the price you paid for the complete standard migration, and our team is going to help you big.

Pay attention also that during the remigration, aisite clears all data from your new website, including the migrated content.

We also recommend you to not to shut down your old website in case if you need to double check everything. Monitor the migrated one for a couple of weeks and see if there are no flaws.

After Migration You…

Take into account that Joomla and WordPress are different CMSs which have different working principle. Thus, when migrating from Joomla to WordPress get to know WordPress really good. This platform is seamless to understand, though make sure it suits your needs. You might find yourself lacking vital plugins in Joomla, but in WordPress, there might be more than just enough of them for you. A very important thing to keep in your memory is right as you’ve started a new ‘website’ life moving to WordPress, try to do the following:

  • Security. Keep your WordPress updated (include here also plugins and themes); install security plugins (like Akismet or any other equivalents); do the data backup;
  • Customize your website (make it look and work properly with applying themes and installing plugins)
  • Make sure your website hits the masses. Take care of your content traffic (install some SEO plugins for instance).

What to do after Joomla to WordPress switch will provide you with some additional info.

If you stick to the current migration guides, the process will be as smooth as was never before.

Now, it’s time to keep calm and reveal your website to the world 😉 Haven’t tried how your website would look like being powered by WordPress? We can help you not even to try it with Demo Migration but also to completely change the ‘nature’ of your website, migrating from Joomla to WordPress in a maximum painless way.

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