XOOPS CMS to WordPress Migration: Go Through it With Ease

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Thinking to launch a large open-sourced website? Want to fill your blog with plenty of desirable extensions? These seem to be the easiest options that XOOPS CMS can proceed with.

If you’ve rounded up all of today’s top web solutions from all around the world – you might be hard-pressed to find one that is more promisingly perfect than XOOPS CMS. When it comes to online platforms, XOOPS CMS (eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System) seems to implement everything you could imagine just for one free signing in. Recipient of multiple awards, database-driven, completely modularized, personalized, totally user managed, multi-lingual and many more – the perfect XOOPS CMS is still making plenty users thinking about switching for an alternative solution. You’re questioning why? Let’s figure out the matters.

Digging in hundreds of comments and forums, one might easily experience that XOOPS’s got couple evident troubles with its dominant advantage – modules. Once tried installing them – you would convince that several documents are missing. Therefore, what to do next? Turn to support? (unsurprisingly, you’re not the only one who would rather go by this scenario). So, as one might guess, it’s a huge time-consuming job to get everything to work. Eventually, due to these reasons, a lot of users are currently leaving this type of CMS solution in favour of WordPress. Want to know arguments? Read on.

To start, WordPress needs no introducement. As long as this web software is the most popular and used one – there are surely some features and plenty of reasons for this spotless shining reputation. Too many advantages are associated with WP to list here. Though, the most capturing ones are following:

  • Ideal blogging solution
  • Easy installation
  • Open source
  • Excellent SEO
  • Best community and support

Got intrigued? Take a look at the infographic below with step-by-step convert instructions and make the switch of XOOPS CMS to WP easily and quickly.


 In case you’re seduced by WordPress CMS and ready to give it a free try – catch this excellent opportunity with aisite migration service.

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