World Class Guide How to Export Jimdo to WordPress At Ease

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If your current CMS Jimdo doesn’t satisfy your needs anymore and you’re looking for a way to start a new life for your site with the help of WordPress, keep on reading this article was crafted especially for you!

It doesn’t matter why you decided to “move a house” whether it’s lack of some of the features you find crucial to possess or just new customization perspectives WordPress offers you, you’ve landed on the right page to change your web presence once and for good.

Before dipping into the technical matters of how to export Jimdo to WordPress, let’s examine both of those platforms to see what waits for you with a site powered by a new CMS.


Jimdo is a website builder, using which you don’t have to worry about hosting or some of the basic settings. It’s suitable for users who recently started discovering the web world, because it’s simple, almost plane sometimes. What else you need to know:

☹️Price. Jimdo has a few packages you may buy to run your site with. Though there is a free version with limited functionality.
☹️Lack of SEO features. Jimdo free version leaves you with no Google preview or keywords managing. However, it is considered to be basic things which WordPress, for instance, offers for free.

☹️ Design modifications. To implement some of the sophisticated changes, you’d need to hire a professional web designer. This work is for a person with huge coding expertise.

☹️ Unprofessional look. Want to get Jimdo free version? Get ready to have your site with a subdomain and inside Jimdo ads.

☹️ Lack of free templates. While WordPress has a ton of cool responsive templates, unfortunately, it’s hard to find some of them for your Jimdo project.


WordPress is a CMS which probably everyone knows about. Because it possesses all of the features both experienced developer and web novice need. It’s an open-source project which can help you to create a blog, non-profit site or even a portfolio. More about WordPress:

☺️Free to use. No need to pay to get a WordPress! Just go to the official directory and download it straight away.

☺️Suitable for no-coders. If you once saw a PHP code and fainted, WordPress might be your salvation. You don’t have to possess any coding knowledge to use it.

☺️Possesses plenty of plugins. Want to boost your SEO score or add a social media button? Find the plugins to fit any of your needs in the WordPress directory.

☺️Has a large community. This CMS is not only famous but beloved as well. WordPressers gather together during WP camps held all over the world and online while discussing some tasty tips.

☺️Allows creating forums. There is a possibility to create a discussion board, using one of the WP plugin-like forums. The most popular one is bbPress.

Now, let’s get to the main point and learn how to migrate all of your content to a new CMS.

How You Can Export Jimdo to WordPress in 20 minutes

Ready to make a change and export Jimdo to WordPress? Go for it now! Check what you can migrate, run a free Demo and complete the transfer!

Estimate Your Migration Price

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Migration Price:

* The price of the full migration may change according to the number of entities

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