WordPress Vs Joomla Vs Drupal: Choosing the Right CMS


Needless to say that it’s almost impossible to overestimate the crucial importance of right-your-size CMS. From thousands of CMS’s that are currently floating around the web  – finding the right one has become somewhat of an ordeal. Take your time to carefully examine the infographic provided in this post and get ready to make probably one of the most important decisions of your life.

Gone are the days of having to hand-code HTML and PHP scripts in order to get a fully functional website. A little time back, with the influx of content management systems, building a website has become significantly easier and accessible. CMS solutions have started to dominate the game over static HTML sites because it’s:

1. Cheaper – most of them are free to use (open source).
2. Faster – a professionally-looking website can be built within 30 minutes.
3. Easier – there are no coding or programming skills required to make use of CMS.

wordpress vs joomla vs drupalFor those willing to build a full-blown website without having to worry about all the coding and technical aspects of it – there are three main options to choose from – WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. They are all incredible systems aiming at creating a website quick and easy, no matter how little one knows about computers and technology.

WordPress is the world’s most popular and talked-about CMS solution. It started out as a platform exclusively for blogging but has significantly grown and advanced over the past years. Today, WordPress indisputably rules the web powering approximately 70,000,000 of websites all over the globe. It is flexible enough to meet the needs of such giants as New York Times, CNN, Forbes and Reuters.

Joomla! is the second most popular CMS option after WordPress. It is a powerful and efficient CMS, which runs smoothly on most web servers without any problems. Like WordPress, Joomla does have a gazillion of plugins and themes to choose from which help Joomla-powered websites grow and scale as required. Such noteworthy sites as Cloud.com, Linux.com, etc. are powered by beloved Joomla.

Drupal is the granddaddy of CMS systems on this list – it was first released in early 2001. It is the extremely feature-rich software package, which many people prefer, especially those who are more technically minded. The Drupal platform is extremely powerful and is less resource intensive than that of WordPress. It can be set up for anything from a simple blog to a content portal used by large corporations. These and many other features made it a popular choice for feature rich, data-intensive websites like Whitehouse.gov and Data.gov.uk.

Can’t yet decide over the right-your-size CMS? The infographic provided below will definitely help you reach that goal:


Wrapping up, in any discussion of WordPress Vs Joomla Vs Drupal it is essential to leave your personal preference and experience behind you.

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