WordPress Security: Is your Site an Easy Target?


Many do not think about their WordPress Security until it is too late and something has happened. Simply put, caring about security appears not as attractive as learning about plugins, themes, or some other aspect of WordPress CMS. But a if you are thinking of migrating to WordPress or starting a WordPress blog, security is something that you should consider now.

Big Myths About WordPress Security

One big myth most website owners have about WordPress security is: “My site is so small why would anyone want to hack my blog”. But the reality is very different. The truth is most of the attacks are done by bots trying to guess your WordPress login and password. If they do, they will insert spam links in your content to boost search engine ranking of other sites, use malware to try to steal information from your visitors, or redirect your traffic to other sites. So, just because your site is small does not mean that your site will not be a target of a hacker.

Another myth is that WordPress is insecure. Yes, WordPress is a great platform to run a website and blog and it is not 100% secure. However, the team at WordPress are very quick to respond and fix any security loopholes that are found.

In truth, any content management system (CMS) is vulnerable to being hacked if it isn’t protected correctly. So let’s see what you can do to make your website immune to intrusions.

Tips To Improve Your WordPress Security

The most frequent causes of a compromised site is outdated software, insecure themes and plugins, bad passwords, stolen FTP credentials, and hosting problems. Luckily, there are some easy things you can do to guard your website from being compromised.

1. Keep your WordPress software updated.

WordPress Support Team patch loopholes very quickly as soon as they’re discovered. So, it is important to update to the new version of WordPress as soon as it is released. This is also important since WordPress is so popular that when a hole in security is patched, many hackers will know how to exploit the older versions of WordPress.

2. Keep your plugins and themes up to date.

Also be sure to get your themes and plugins from a trusted site. The safest place is to get free themes and plugins is WordPress.org.

3. Backup your database and files.

You can create a schedule so that this is a set and forget type of action.

4. Create a new administration user.

Login and delete your admin user account. Transfer any posts made under the old admin user while doing this.

5. Do not publish posts under your administrator account.

Instead, set a nickname as your public name. This can be done in the user profile setting screen.

6. Create a unique password for your account.

This should include capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. You can use some symbols that look like letters. For example using “@” instead of “a”. This way it’ll be easier to remember the password.

7. Use a login attempt limiting plugin.

This will stop bots from continuously trying to login to your WordPress account to steal your account name and password.

8. Use security plugins.

There are some excellent plugins that you can install to protect your website available. only make sure they’re from a trustworthy source. While there are more things you can do to be sure to make your WordPress difficult to break, these are the essential tips to start with. Most hackers go after easy targets. Security should be a concern when you are thinking of creating a website or migrating to a new CMS.


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