WordPress Plugins to Install: Experts’ Insight

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Have you been looking for a resource that would advice on what exactly should be done to ensure WordPress success? No more need to keep searching, for just this post has appeared to guide you.

With its core, the free and priceless CMS WordPress offers a ton of features and flexibility to create beautiful blogs and websites. What is more charming about this CMS, is that each user is able to extend the functionality of the software which is still lacking to the core solution. Hence, the best way to fill the missing pieces is to install the appropriate plugins.

Currently, WordPress repository comprises more than 40,000 free plugins. The main advantage here is that each of the plugins can considerably enhance both – the functionality and the performance of any WordPress-based website. As a matter of fact, each willing can find a wide diversity of these small extendable solutions for virtually everything. The confusing thing here though, is that with all of the choices available online, it might be quite difficult to decide on a really good decision. Moreover, considering the words of our experts, “80-90% of plugins are really poor”, so that finding the right working ones has turned to be not one-click affair.

Out of dozens of possible WordPress interviewed experts, we have singled out the most common answers on the matter of top WP plugins that work for any kind of website. Each recommendation is represented in the infographics below:


The horizons of WordPress CMS sound now more tempting and seducing? Try out all the pros and cons of this solution with aisite.

Do you have a favorite plugin from this infographics? Have we missed one that you think is absolutely essential for every WordPress website? Let us know in the comments below.

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