WordPress in Numbers: Is it Worth to Migrate? [Infographic]

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Choosing the right CMS is a very important step which can determine the future of your website. Some platforms give wide opportunities for improvement, others require strong programming skills to make any changes. Generally, most users want to see their CMSs full of different modules and easily customizable. That is why WordPress is getting more and more popular. Whether you are a mature developer or just a newcomer, this platform allows to manage your site easily and quickly. The variety of modules allows to rapidly improve the functionality and makes the website more attractive for your visitors. Such possibilities caused the growth of WordPress and the army of its fans. A lot of users consider this platform a strong tool for online success and as the result migrate from current platforms to WordPress.

The quick growth of WordPress allows to say that this CMS has an aim and confidently goes to achieving. Mooveagency.com prepared an infographic “WordPress in Numbers” that clearly shows the positive trend of the popular CMS. Take a closer look and check the basic numbers of the last year and a prediction for the coming one.

Now, you have an ace in the hole, and there is no time to hesitate! More your website to WordPress and get all its benefits with aisite.

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