WordPress for Dummies or Do You Believe in Myths?


WordPress is one of the most spoken about CMS platforms, and where is the popularity, there come rumours. We’ve compiled a list of TOP 5 Myths about WordPress. Let’s see whether they are true or can be busted.

WordPress is a blogging tool

It was true several years ago, but now WordPress is a full featured content management system. Yes, you can easily start a blog with it, especially if you opt for the hosted version at wordpress.com. In truth, this platform is not limited by blogs only, and can be a foundation for websites of any complexity, with no blog included.

All WordPress websites look similar

To an extent, it may be true. All blogs share the look and structure, and if you’re not familiar with advanced design techniques, it’ll be tough to change things. The flexibility you’ll have will be limited by the choice of an available theme and modifying its colour and elements to display.

But learning how CSS stylesheets work and knowing PHP would empower you with limitless opportunities in changing the appearance of the website and making it look exclusive.

WordPress is for dummies, not for serious developers

This CMS is so simple to start with, you can go with almost no HTML skills and get yourself a free blog in a few minutes (especially with wordpress.com). For some knowledgeable personalities, this appears as an indication of its poor abilities. On the other hand, however,”Genius lies in simplicity”.

What’s more, WordPress is simple for the end users with little technical savvy. But for many developers, it is a great platform for development, extension and customisation, which is powerful enough to build upon.

If this wasn’t true, do you think, the famous websites like CNN, Mashable, TechCrunch, Ford Story, NY Observer and GB Prime Minister’s (just to name a few) would be using WordPress as the CMS?

WordPress is so easy anyone can get the hang of it in minutes

This is another extremity many bloggers-to-be fall for. WordPress IS simple, but don’t expect you grandma to set up a blog and start posting right in a few clicks. If you’ve never run a blog or site before, there will be some learning to do before you know all of the tips and tricks and can manage your site with your eyes closed.

What is meant by the user-friendliness of WordPress is that this CMS is way much more intuitive than many of its counterparts. But still, remember yourself starting to learn you PC – was it so easy at all times?

WordPress is insecure

This myth by much comes from the data about the hacking attempts for WordPress sites. But this isn’t an indication of the security flaws in WordPress itself. With most websites, the reason why they are easily hacked is weak credentials.

It is also widely known that WordPress powers 50% of CMS based websites. For a hacker, it is much easier to learn WordPress code and its glitches to have many targets at hand. So, looks like the more popular WordPress grows, the more frequent target for hackers it becomes.

To protect your site, implement certain security measures like do not use admin as the default username, choose a strong random password and make sure your WP software version, themes and plugins are up-to-date.
wordpress myths busted

You’ve just seen some of the most common myths about WordPress busted. If you still want to build your own view on the matter, you can try WP yourself!

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