WordPress to Drupal Migration: Go Through It with Ease [Prezi]

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 Running a website is not a big deal nowadays. Almost everyone can manage this task. There is a great amount of CMS platforms you can build your site on but when it comes to making a choice, then WordPress and Drupal content management systems come to your mind first. Both of them are very popular and powerful platforms. They also take a lion’s share of the website-building market. That is why, let’s have a quick overview to make it easier to decide which CMS will fully satisfy your needs.

WordPress is an open source CMS which is widely used for blogs, websites and other multiple web projects creation. It is a well-known fact that WP is a user-friendly platform. In other words, a newbie like a schoolboy, can handle it with ease.

Drupal, in contrast, is more complicated website building tool. It is used for creation complex sites, networking communities, online stores, etc. This CMS is beloved by most of the developers due to the fact that it is possible almost everything with Drupal. However, it should be also mentioned that working with this platform requires a learning curve and some time to get used to it as well. To put it another way, it will be difficult for an inexperienced user to create and run a website on this CMS.

Now, you know the most significant differences between these two platforms. All you have to do is to choose one and build a site on it. But in case you have started your web project on WordPress and now you would like to have it on Drupal, then there are some options: you can start your website from scratch or you can migrate your current WordPress site to Drupal. The second alternative is pretty easy with aisite service. With this tool your WordPress to Drupal migration will be fully automated, accurate and fast.

So, now it is time to check up this prezi in order to find out more information on how to migrate WordPress to Drupal with ease.

Now, when you are provided with all the necessary information on how to perform WordPress to Drupal migration, it is pretty easy to make the right choice. So, don’t wait up any longer, start your free Demo Migration and enjoy the advanced opportunities on your newly baked Drupal site.

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