Pimp My Site (WordPress Cool Things You’re Probably Ignoring)

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WordPress is everywhere.

When you allow yourself to be inspired by WordPress, you can find it everywhere. The Rolling Stones, TechCrunch, TED, NFL, Forbes, eBay, CNN, Jay-Z, Beyonce… What’s to unite them all? (be it surprisingly, or not) WordPress. From news, technology to music, this software tops.

Luckily, WordPress is loaded with numerous plugins, themes, and all the required features to make your publishing experience great. Sure, you can easily do a stunning post with this CMS, but why not aim higher? Like, literally pimp your site? Here are three cool things that are totally your new WP inspiration.


1. Theme Cloning

If you have a piercing eyes theme on your website and want to add a blog section but can’t find a matching one design, consider using ThemeMatcher. This tool can actually clone themes, (what’s even better) it is extremely straightforward to use.

Want to clone more niche site, like Pinterest? Cool, we can work with that. Let’s look to this very relevant plugin named iPin Pro. The tool not only converts look, but reproduces the same social functions. In the case of this theme, it’s very neat for everyone who wants to share very qualitative images.

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2. Project Management

A brief appreciation to SP Project & Document Manager. There are plenty of thinkpieces out there about WordPress plugins, especially the management and editorial ones. But this one is more impressive. It allows to organize, share, upload, track files, create calendar and schedule articles. Thus the remake.

As for managing tasks in a breeze, a fine solution is TaskFreak! Create tasks, assign them, keep track on their progress in one place within your CMS.

Another great tools worth for a check are Freelancer,  Orbis and Easy Project.

3. Job Board

WordPress can be found in even the strangest of places, and we’ve done some of the hard work for finding one to surprise you. Whether you’re a web developer, entrepreneur, recruitment agency, or simply put, a blogger, you can use WordPress as a job board. Our favorite related tool is WPJobBoard. This soft is great for its lengthy list of features and a smart effect. Advanced search engine, customizable job applications, employer profile, a neat Apply From LinkedIn button, and job alerts are all in one WP place. What makes the impression even stronger, is its one-click installation which integrates with third-parties like PayPal.

Alternatives to test: Jobify, Jobera, WPJobus, JobEngine and Suburbs.

In the end, this is just a reminder that WordPress can do anything you put your mind to… if you happen find out any alternative uses for WP CMS, share them in the comments below. Fair enough 😉

With the inspiration of these tools, you’re sure to create a great web project. And when it doubt, WordPress always looks flawless. Pimp your site within a move to this CMS. You can do no wrong.

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