WordPress CMS: Starting your Own Home on the Web


If you have already made up your mind to run a blog or website, the next step is to choose the appropriate CMS platform. WordPress CMS is definitely the right thing for beginners. This user friendly CMS platform will become a good deputy in your website running. WordPress platform is an online service for everyone, no matter for what purposes you are going to use your site whether it is running an e-commerce business or a small blog.

Before the web project creation, have a look at several tips on not being lost while starting your blog or website:

1. Topic of the Blog

Think about the topic (niche) of your blog. It must be the one which is captivating and in demand among people. Don’t forget about your knowledge of this niche and your competence. Try to be original and creative.

2. Keyword Research

To choose the most optimal keyword (word or phrase), you have to analyze its search volume and competition contrary to other keywords. Make a choice of the focus keyword on the word phrase. As the practice shows, people usually type the phrase, not one word, in the search engine.

3. Domain Name

In hand-waving terms, domain name is your web page address in the site space. If you are going to start your blog for money making, it is more appropriate to use your keyword in the domain name. And if you are making your web project for another purpose, you can omit the keyword in your domain name.

When you work with wordpress.com, your domain will have yourname.wordpress.com form. WordPress.org requires to host your domain name on a server of your choosing and you can choose your own domain name. Obviously, for e-commerce or business website it is better to create with wordpress.org.

4. Web Hosting

Web hosting allows you to make the web project accessible via the World Wide Web. WordPress.com proposes you the free web hosting, but your page will be used for advertising. At wordpress.org you may totally control your site look, but it is required to buy your own web hosting.

5. SEO
  • Title
    • It is essential to optimise your page title for SEO. Notice, that it should contain your focus keywords and be catchy. On one hand, the title should comprise all the information of the page content and also it is better to simplify it to the minimum amount of words.
  • Meta Keywords
    • One more important thing – meta keywords. They are the words or phrases that are used in your article several times. Such phrases should describe the main topic of your article that helps you in SEO promotion.
  • Meta Description
    • It is usually said that the meta description is not so important part of your SEO efforts, but don’t abandon it altogether. The meta description gives you more chances to make your website really popular by showing up in the search results. The only condition to make the effective meta description is to use your keywords.
6. Internal Links

To increase the engagement of your readers with your blog site, don’t forget about the internal links. It allows you to make references to your previous articles. There is a great possibility that after reading one post, a user will go to your another article.

7. Categories and Tags

Make your blog well-organized. Categories and rags will help you to sort all the content, and it will be tremendously useful not only for you but also for your users.

8. WordPress Themes

While choosing the theme of your blog, think about the purposes of your project. Try to imagine the design of the pages before choosing the theme. There are free, premium and custom themes. Some of them are well-coded and original and others not. Your choice of the theme depends on your wish, and it doesn’t play a great role when we speak about the site traffic.

9. Content

Don’t forget about running the blog itself. Try to add the new information constantly. You have a superb opportunity to enrich your content with the images, videos and the other exciting things easily using WordPress CMS.

Also, pay more attention to the quality of the content. Remember, the people are the estimators of your work, not the search engine. Figure out what kind of useful and interesting information you may propose to the users.

If you are already running the site, but you are wondering how to switch/ to WordPress, aisite online service will migrate all of your database perfectly and without any losses. This online service conducts the import automatically in just a few clicks. Register an account and only a few steps will separate you from your dream website.

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