WordPress 3.5: 6 Essential Features to Know About


A month after the release of WordPress 3.5, there are still many users who are apprehensive about the update and don’t hurry to switch to the new version.

There are opponents to this, grounding their choice by too many compatibility issues. Truly, some of the functions and plugins may need to be configured to work correctly. There are also accusations on WordPress becoming too bloated and no more the simple platform it used to be. If you’re not sure yet, this post will highlight the most important improvements overview and probably you’ll see.



Media uploader

The feature that’s impossible to notice is the new media uploader. It now looks prettier with the new “Upload Media” button and allows easy creation and reordering galleries, inserting images from URL and much more.

Media library

When editing an image, you now get a full screen edit screen, much like the text editor, where you’ll find optimised the resizing option for images with better quality preserved. Links and HTML – goneDon’t be startled. The thing is, the links menu you are accustomed to see has been removed in WordPress 3.5 due to the lack of use overall. In case you still need it, you can easily add this functionality as the plugin. The HTML tab in the editor is now named Text. That’s all. So don’t panic if you don’t find this tab in your updated WordPress version.


New Twenty Twelve Theme

This year default theme is the great surprise for people using mobile devices to browse the net (who are really numerous). It is fully mobile responsive, elegant and simple to install. Moreover, this theme possesses all the indispensable features of a theme.

Retina Ready Admin

Finally it has been refined and now no matter which device you’re using and how high the resolution of your screen is – your WordPress dashboard will look great on any display. To add to the improvements, there is a new color picker for more accurate selection of tone, and buttons now look better with their rectangular shape.

Plugin Management

Favorite Plugins 

Plugin management has been made easier by adding a Favorite button to the plugin directory. This way, you’ll be able to favorite the plugins you like and then install them right within the dashboard by simply indicating your username.

Update or Not to Update?

These are the key benefits you’ll get if you decide to make the switch to WordPress 3.5  from an earlier WordPress version.

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