Women CMS Heroes [Infographic]

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Women. You can never underestimate the power and seduction of women. They can destroy careers, drive success, change the course of history, even (regardless of the pain it is about to cause) bring down the power of men. Alongside, women have also got the potential to induce the inspirational fervour in the niche so strongly captivated by misters: the world of CMS.

The biggest CMS heroes of all times – can women top it? Addison Berry, Emma Jane Hogbin, Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Jen Mylo, Ruth Cheesley, Jessica Dunbar… not yet acquainted? Women Behind CMSs had its first glimpse two weeks ago and the reviews have been nigh-on too fine. Opinions were mixed on why we didn’t feature the most prominent women experts of all the three great CMS, but singled out WordPress. Nothing will ever top the unexpected feedbacks of our customers and readers for the core of  posts and service we are fortuned to provide. The infographics shown below is to take us through the exemplary women CMS input that cannot but be fascinated and praised high.


Being the helpful sorts, we have included a free trial convert for you to peruse. Test and let us know your verdict. 

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