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We have noted a curious regularity when interviewing CMS professionals and experts. Think about the portrayals of typical developers, programmers, coders… Visualize each of these people in your head. Got them? Good.

Let us now ask you: were any of your mental images female? They were not for us, and we dare to assume that for most of you either.

Regardless of the fact that a considerable number of women is engaged in the development of WordPress CMS, this sphere has been stereotypically male-dominated. Painful to admit, but in some ways it makes sense. Or doesn’t?

Dozens of WordPress female experts interviews have been recently posted on our blog. When reviewing the latest triumphs of WP CMS, we came across 10 personalities debunking a couple of illusive myths caused by stereotypical views of the tech world formation we are to face today. Excited to find out what they are? See them listed as well as some of the principal breakthroughs done by women in the infographic attached below.


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