All the WHYs and HOWs of Successful phpBB to bbPress Migration


Running a forum has become a top priority for many website owners who are eager to have a strong web presence online and to stay in touch with their sites visitors. PhpBB and bbPress are holding their respectful positions among the world’s top popular forum boards. Needless to say that using a particular forum board involves a matter of personal taste and what works well for one person may not necessarily work for another. The article doesn’t intent to belittle or alter your preferences about CMS but to provide you with the arguments that allow you to make the right choice according to your needs.

So what exactly sets phpBB and bbPress apart and what are those differences that make bbPress so popular?

PhpBB – is an open-source forum board that is widely used for creating extended forums and social sites. Lots of free plugins and modules allow to customize the application that let your forum grow and scale in unison with your business. However, you won’t be able to install them without significant programming background as far as phpBB is considered to be programmer-friendly, but almost friendly to no one else. Furthermore, there is only one option available – to create a forum and nothing instead of forum. You can’t run an online store, a website or any other type of web project.

bbPress, in contrast, is more flexible, more robust and more actively developed. It has proven itself as a powerful and fully-featured solution due to its main beneficial sides:

  • integration with WordPress
  • user-friendly
  • lots of free plugins
  • strong security features
  • SEO capabilities

It has to happen at least once in a career – you find yourself facing a big problem of dissatisfaction with the current CMS platform. In case you are running a phpBB-based forum but see that other forums sound better – give a try to bbPress. aisite understands the enormousness of the manual migration procedure and presents completely automated solution which will help you to go through the conversion process smoothly and accurately.

Left with a strong desire to switch from phpBB to bbPress? Follow the presentation given below and convert your phpBB to bbPress precisely and, what is more, without any special skills.


Hopefully, the article helped you to make the right choice between phpBB and bbPress and provided full information about all the tips and tricks of successful conversion. So, don’t waste your time anymore and start your migration right now.

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