Why WordPress Is the Ultimate Platform For the Self-Employed?

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So, the time has finally come. That magic moment of choice: to be an Internet visitor or its legal resident. And the closer it comes to the decision-making, the more questions are rising in self-employees minds. Believe us or not, their brand new home must definitely be built on WordPress CMS foundation. Why? Because from the very first minute all the fairy keys are in their own hands. From now, there would be neither thoughts and nor desire to leave or switch to any other place. So, let’s try to imagine and implement this tale into reality.

“For the people, by the people,” – that’s the second WP name. Wondering about the reasons? Try to disagree.

  • When it comes to building a website and then managing it online, self-employed people usually don’t have the cash (neither the desire) for spending it on a developer.
  • Mostly, they ask friends and some business acquaintances to help them doing this job.
  • Lastly, if all above-mentioned fails, they google a few design tutorials and get to action by themselves.

Familiar scenario? Even if you don’t mind spending money and hiring people, the idea of a daily-weekly update appears to be the last desire. And all of that gets to the heart of point – WordPress affords that convenience, being a perfect CMS for self-employed. Don’t believe us? Check out this 5.

1. Start Within a Split of Minutes

If you are looking to create simple to use, yet reliable website, then yes, WordPress is super simple. Many web hosts provide a five-minute WP installation on the web. Therefore, once the CMS installed, it needs no special efforts and no super brainy programming skills to start working. So that you can do it quickly and easily.

2. One-Size-Fits-All-Solution

Beyond the initial launching and registration process, the building actions are pretty easy, too. Some people’s demands are very basic – adding text and pictures before publishing, while the other requirements go much further –  custom CSS and settings selections. The nice thing here is that this CMS offers the best for both.

3. Expand Your WP as Required

WordPress provides the opportunity for adding custom features to suit almost each particular industry, satisfying and meeting the users’ needs. You ask how? With the help of plugins, sure. With nearly 39 000 plugins circulation, each and every imagination can be brought into reality. By using WP plugins you can do whatever – check comments if they look like spam or not, make your website 50 times faster and more secure, boost selling, automatically optimize your site for Search Engines and much more.

And these are only a few of all the possible things that WP plugins can do.

4. Quality ≠ PricePrice_Quality

With WordPress you can develop a site on reduced prices without sacrificing the quality.  That happens thanks to 3 aspects:

  1. Simplicity & intuitiveness (with WordPress you can build websites without ringing the bell of a developer),
  2. Redesign flexibility (WP provides you with plenty of space in terms of changing things up),
  3. Vibrant community (WP has an immense community of users – starting with newbies and ending up with seasoned pros, so that you can find whatever answer via forums and discussion boards).

5. Tons of Resources to Tap Into

When you’re self-employed, the most huge WP benefit is that it’s very easy to find other people just like you using it. With the same questions and provided answers.

Except simply Googling for the interested and needed issues, you can also use the dedicated WordPress resources that are mainly created and managed by ordinary people. Here’re some of the most popular: WordPress Support, WordPress Codex, WordPress TV, etc.

So What is the Conclusion?

Wrapping it all up, self-employed people do their best to gain immaculate business reputation. To make it happen, they do need a platform that caters their needs. We believe, WordPress is that one. Hopefully, after reading this article, you could see it, too.

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