Why Move Joomla K2 to WordPress? (The Key Differences)

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The debate between Joomla K2 vs WordPress abound on the internet and those comparisons usually generate a bit of heated debate. To choose between them the right one usually brings users into a stalemate.

Joomla K2 vs WordPress

Joomla and WordPress are well-known CMS solutions that have been around for a long time and have earned the love and loyalty of large communities. Both are quite similar at first glance having all the necessary tools to create eye-catching websites without slaving over mountains of code. However, both are pretty different and excel at different goals. Let’s delve deeper and try to find those reasons that make lots of users lean towards one platform or another.

K2 is a very popular content extension for Joomla that vastly increases its abilities as a CMS. Because K2 comes shipped with those important features that Joomla itself lacks (for instance, comments, image auto-resizing and author profile pages), Joomla K2 solution has become a formidable contender to universal WordPress. However, where there is light, there also is a shadow. Joomla K2 has some significant limitations that hold the platform back in the context of WordPress:

  • not active and thriving support (there is a chance to get no help in case you have any troubles);
  • messy documentation (that most users find it impossible to work with).

WordPress features

If you are currently having your web project settled on Joomla K2 and it doesn’t sound like the right fit for you – get going with WordPress. Providing all the necessary functions and even more to drive success in one place, the platform has gained immense popularity among users and now is often treated as a default choice for most of them. The platform bills itself as an all-encompassing solution allowing a website to be what you want it to be. The following nice-to know features make WordPress unique:

  • User-friendly (no special skills are required to take full advantage of WordPress);
  • Absolutely intuitive interface (even the greenest of users find it easy to work with the platform);
  • A huge amount of plugins and extensions (allow to extend a web project as huge and complex as required);
  • Unbeatable community (offer a welcoming place to go in case you have any troubles);
  • Strong SEO capabilities (being favored by Google – WordPress helps to boost up traffic to a website).

Overall, looking through all the features mentioned above, it becomes obvious why the trend of Joomla K2 to WordPress migration is constantly growing over the last decades.

Is all that said enough to get you intrigued?

Thus, if you’ve already decided to try your site on WordPress – look through the infographic provided below and get acquainted with the easiest way of migration across them:

joomla k2 to wordpress

Check out this video to learn the newest and easiest method of migration from Joomla K2 to WordPress!

So, don’t hesitate anymore – Start the Free Demo Migration right now!

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