When it’s Time to Change Forum Platform?

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Sometimes it is hard to find the forum which perfectly suits your needs in a jungle of forum software. You need one which will match the main purpose of your discussion board like the business, community around a specific subject, keeping in touch with friends, or even just for fun. You also coincide with your development skills, combine it with other activities and match the available amount of funds to support the forum. If you already have an existing forum but the software is creeping you out, then it is time to change the platform. Thus, we will discuss the main reasons why people migrate old data from one forum platform to another.

Get Rid of the Outdated Software

It is awesome that you run a forum for ages, you probably have devoted users, who will stay with you forever. You get used to the functionality of your discussion board and feel right at home, but soon you may realize that there’s something wrong. You feel that your current forum looks a little bit old-school? Usually, it occurs with phpBB.You know, this is a founder of forum platforms and today, it may usually refer to an old-times bulletin board. phpBB was relevant long, long time ago.  Now, it is less speed, and usually, it’s annoying to edit the theme, expansion, and plugin installation are complicated. And finally, phpBB does not look modern anymore. This is one of the reasons for advanced users to change a forum platform.

Crucial Importance of Security

Security is extremely meaningful for a lot of users. In this case,  it is optional to operate the paid forums like vBulletin or IP. Boards, where protection systems are better than the open source software possess. vBulletin has a great security and IP.Board has a built-in spam defense protection for your community to monitor spammers constantly.  In this case,  it is also important to have some skills as it is not enough simply to have a fee-based forum platform but configure the protection properly.

Inaccurate Decisions

One more reason is based on choices. Occasionally, you may mistakenly take a ply to the wrong decision by choosing this or that bulletin board, and you realize that this is not the same, you have expected. It looks like this – everything seems okay at the beginning, but when you get some experience and practice, you think there should be something more advanced and accomplished. It is not necessary to lose your heart there is always a solution anyway. There are dozens of discussion boards that will definitely meet your demands and requirements.

Paying is Nonsense

Have you installed commercial forum, but seems it worth nothing? Or at least, far less.  Generally, paid forum platforms are used for business and open-source is more suitable for fun or just an average user, but it doesn’t always have to be like this. If your business cannot cover the expenditures of support fees or you do not need that actually.

Set up a free forum platform and take a look is it that worth then paid one. If it is not that bad in the end you can move your content to MyBB, to SMF or to bbPress with a few simple mouse click.

Proper Solution

So, if you realize that your current forum platform does not meet all the challenges, it is not the end of the world. There is an option to sort this out. With aisite,  you can convert the content of your forum from one platform to another with no efforts and no losses. Automated conversion tools are suitable for those, who do not want to spend their precious time.

aisite allows you to move all the forum data from phpBB to vBulletin,  to Joomla Kunena or to bbPress in a blink of an eye with no coding skills and no software installation. If you have a couple of minutes, you can set up a free demo migration and check out your forum content transfer to the desired bulletin board.

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