What To Expect from Blogger To WordPress Migration? 5 Transformations.

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If you’re crossing the stage of being the newbie-blogger to more mature one, it’s good to think of getting things up-to-date. If you’re bearing in mind Blogger to WordPress migration, then you’ve probably found the right key to open the doors to this solution.

What can WordPress provide you with to make your blog fly high?

Freedom of Actions

Regardless the fact that Blogger is super simple and even a 5-year-old can create a blog, the current platform possesses a far less amount of abilities to make your blog multifunctional than WP. For professional bloggers, this platform lacks in more advanced options and features, so this platform is a fairly poor one to provide further growth. If you are getting acquainted with blogging, Blogger may be quite a nice place to start for a novice. Though, if you’re going to blog with the further perspective of obtaining more audience, it’s better “to WordPress”.

Why think of Blogger to WordPress Migration? The WordPress power is in plugins, which broaden the prospects and flexibility of your blog. Also, consider that you would probably want to turn your blog to website or start a business. WordPress may help you big in your great beginnings.

What yours is yours

Blogger belongs to Google which is another reason that makes this platform widely used. The merge of Blogger + Google provides you with a comfortable and plain usage. Though, there is one thing to be mentioned. Since it’s Google’s ownership, it means that your blog may be shut down, if the Tech Giant decides to do so.

Using WordPress along with web hosting provider means that you can own your website, all the data in it, perform any type of modifications or, shut it down when there is such a need.

How about the design?

Blogger has a limited (quite limited we would say) option of fancy, nicely looking themes to choose. You might change colors and how the theme is organized here (layout) but no more than this. You can’t go any further with the modifications.

In WordPress, there are +4k free themes available (plus, there are premium ones) which gives you the ability to make your website looking juicier and like a boss. Also, the bigger opportunity of themes management and customization makes the WP themes suitable for different types of websites.

Looking for help

Support opportunities can’t be compared to those in WP. They trail far behind in Blogger. A modest forum and the same modest documentation may not solve an issue which requires an urgency.

Since WP is used by 25% of world’s websites, you can imagine their colossal support organization. There is an entire Wikipedia of documentation, numbers of forums and chatrooms where you can ask for a tip and receive dozens of useful answers. With Blogger to WordPress migration, you can get in touch with as many people as possible.

Finding a new home

If you decide to migrate manually to another blogging platform or CMS, you’d better think of traffic, fans and SEO. Here is a great risk that a significant part of it may be lost somewhere in the depths of the ocean of long forgotten websites.

To overcome the bad scenario here is an alternative solution which is automated migration with aisite. The service allows you to transfer safely and with no losses every little piece of your data, saving your time and resources. Thinking of Blogger to WordPress migration? Let us make your thoughts a real action.

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