What is Wrong with Them?! Wix vs Squarespace vs WordPress


Each CMS platform has its pros and cons. Each one requires a different skill level and, in accordance, shows various results. What is more suitable for you: Wix vs Squarespace? Or maybe you should join the WordPress community? Why WordPress powers 34% of all the websites? Keep reading and make your decision.

In this infographic, you can see and analyze mane pros and cons of each CMS platform.

wix vs squarespace vs wordpress

In this article, we will define, which CMS is better for you! What to start with, or where, and how to move.

So, let’s start with Wix

+ Someone could say that Wix is perfect for beginners because it’s easy to use, and offers tons of creative freedom. You can drag any element anywhere on your page – there’s no structure holding you back. Sounds good, right? 

– But in practice, it can cause many problems. Once you add too much text, all the elements below will move further down. And in case you remove this text – the elements don’t come back up again. Fixing that can take a really large amount of time if your page is long. So, its unstructured editor isn’t that good – elements can be dragged anywhere on a page.

+ Wix offers 500+ different themes with varying levels of quality. It looks a bit out-dated but you can find everything you need at the beginning of your way – scheduled posts, post tags and categories, drafts and Disqus and Facebook comments.

– But it won’t be enough when your website is getting bigger. Business or blog – doesn’t matter, Everything needs regular improvements. 

– With Wix, you can’t change your template without losing all your content. So when choosing your theme, make sure it’s the one you want. Because if you will decide to change theme – be ready to remake the website from the beginning. 

+ Wix is available for free for as long as you want. You just will see its name in your domain. 

Now, let’s take a look at Squarespace

It is a website builder. So, here are templates, features, security measures, SEO tools, and more – all of them ready and waiting for you.

+ It has a structured editor, so you won’t meet any troubles with self-moving content – everything will stay in its place. 

+ Squarespace offers a wide selection of elements (called Content Blocks). Each one is thoughtful and fully featured. Everything is working great and has its sense. 

– Squarespace provides around 70 themes, which is less than the previous CMS. 

+ But they are pretty beautiful, and you may like it much more than all of the 500 Wix’s templates, so you should better check it. 

+ Squarespace has a good style editor that’s both powerful and intuitive. You can customize hundreds of style options!

– Squarespace is a hosted environment. It means that the site itself has tight control over every aspect of your website. It limits your ability to make changes and import tools. 

– More than that, Squarespace owns your site content and limits your ability to export it to another host if you decide to leave. If Squarespace closed down, the sites it hosts could also close by default.

– Though Squarespace’s monthly fees cover everything involved with running your site, this also limits the amount of content and resources you can use. Personal accounts on Squarespace are under $10 monthly but sites are limited to just 20 pages. To get unlimited pages and bandwidth, you would have to purchase one of the Business premium plans at up to three times the cost.

What about WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System), where you’re responsible for every aspect of your website. It gives you full control and the possibility to provide total customization! As a result, it requires more time for working on it.

+ WordPress is an open-source software. It means it is free for everyone. Anyone can download and install it. But like all websites, you will need to register a domain name and web hosting, which is not free. 

+ It has 11,000+ of free and premium themes.

+ More than 55,000 plugins available in WordPress.org plugins directory alone. This means if you can think of a feature for your website, then there is a very good chance that there is already a plugin for that.

– WordPress isn’t as easy-to-use as Squarespace or Wix. Because these two website builders use a visual page editor which lets you drag-and-drop elements. WordPress’s editor is completely different. It is abstracted away from your website – so you can’t see how the page looks within the context of your website. As a result, you’ll have to flip between the preview and the page editor from time to time to see how things are looking.

+ Sounds not that good, but in fact, it is a great tool. Because nothing will move all around the page every time you are adding something. WordPress is extremely flexible. So, you can create any kind of website.

+ Plus, you easily can find any page in the admin panel and update it or change anything without problems. 

So, which one is suitable for you?

You can choose Wix in case you need a small website, without any specific features. For example, if you are a newbie makeup artist and just need to show customers your portfolio and your contact number, this website builder will be good enough for you. Remember, you can move all your content from Wix to WordPress anytime in an automated way using our service. Check how it works!

If you have bigger plans on the site, you should better choose between Squarespace and WordPress. This decision depends on your needs. If you are okay with the limit, want to pay under $10/month, and don’t make too many efforts – Squarespace can be the right decision.

In case you want a completely flexible, fully controlled website, which allows you to add many plugins and own modifications – WordPress is a perfect choice. Even Neil Patel said he prefer WordPress because it is the most customizable and SEO-friendly.

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In case you want to see how to move your Wix site to another CMS platform – check out this video tutorial!



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