What If Your CMS Is Your Website’s Drawback?

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Running a successful website is tough at the best of times. The CMS failure rate is enormous and for the reason of its wrong choice, most of the websites become dead and buried within a couple months.

CMS management is critical to the success of your website in an age when the online world can actually replace the real one. The smartest and the best-designed web platforms won’t work if they’re not relevant to your prospect. A CMS is a two-way street, requiring you to know your project goals and its determination. 

If you are struggling with the choice of your web platform and thinking of the prospect to try a better one, these common mistakes we’ve analyzed below are going to help you.  


One of the biggest challenges for new website managers and owners is getting through the steep learning curve of programming and coding. If you want your employees to be easily able to approach your website, mind that not each of them is as tech savvy as you are. The simpler to manage your CMS ?s, the better users will understand how your website works. The only way to circumvent this problem is to make sure that your admin interface is comprehensive enough and user-friendly. For instance, you’ve started a website on Drupal, but now you think it is too complicated to run a web project on, then you can convert Drupal to WordPress which is a lot easier CMS to manage.


What most of website owners commonly face is the lack of platform functionality. To omit this trouble, you should make sure that your CMS contains all the plugin/extensions/modules you need or will need.

If you’re ready to immerse yourself in learning, there are so many ways to create your own plugins which will perfectly suit you. Although such platforms as Joomla and WordPress offer their users tons of plugins and extensions, Drupal CMS provides the best prospects to actually create them. In such a case, as the solution you can convert your Joomla to Drupal or you can switch your WordPress website to Drupal.

Other Things to Consider

Another reason to move your current CMS to a new one is the feeling or a desire for simply trying something new. For instance, you are not an experienced user to run a complex websites but you are not a newbie of the technology world either. All you need is something in the middle: not complicated in usage, but nor an easy solution. In this case the alternative option is Joomla. The way out in this situation will be to move all your content from your current Drupal, WordPress or another website to Joomla.

Lastly, if you don’t have enough coding skills to manage a complicated website on a complex platform, for instance Joomla or Drupal, then you should definitely migrate your current CMS to a user-friendly one. You can easily transfer your Drupal site or Joomla web project to the easiest and the most cherished one, WordPress.

Now you are provided with all the needed information on why and how to change your current CMS to a new one.  All you have to do is to make your own decision and choose a CMS you want to move to. Make your final choice and enjoy the results 😉

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