What CMSs Are Migrated Most Often And Why [Top 5 + 5 Reasons]

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How is that possible for popular CMSs to be migrated and why? Kind of dilemma. Right?

Let’s dive deeper into why the popularity of the following platforms is reducing and what’s actually is going on with them.

Joomla, Wix, Drupal, Weebly and Squarespace are known to be the starting points of random websites and blogs globally. Users don’t simply choose this or that CMS. First stage and the hardest one of opting is comparing the best. Though even the leaders have their Achilles heel.Knowing all the pros and cons of each cherished platform will help you to make a wise decision. Developing a profitable and viewable website is no way a kid’s play. Thus, to make it an internet star, dive deeper in the CMSs ocean and see if it’s really an ocean and not a shallow swamp. No one wants to get dirty, right?


Joomla (Powers ~3m sites)

It is not question that this CMS is one of the most cherished and widely used in the digital world. Powering more than 3 million websites, Joomla tops the realm of website building for steady years.But wait a sec. Something is not right. Lots of site owners switch to other platforms. Here you can see why.

Reasons of often Joomla migration


  • Its complexity; Joomla may seem “labyrinth-like” for some people; You should have at least some developer experience.
  • Limited extensions marketplace; (only 7,000+ plugins compared to WP (40,000+) and Drupal (30,000+)).
  • To make it SEO friendly you should install several extensions properly. If you don’t know how to install these elements, forget about your site’s rankings.
  • Tough blogging It will take all the eternity to create, customize and maintain your posting ideas.

Wix  (Powers ~1m sites)

The current CMS obviously has its privileges. Though somehow it’s one of the most migrated platforms.

Reasons of often Wix migration

  • Unchangeable themes. You’re stuck with one theme for all the eternity. (500+ themes. WP for instance has 2,000+ themes).
  • Bad SEO optimization (uses AJAX technology which has a row with Google). You can’t become an Internet celeb.
  • Not mobile friendly.
  • No user subscription. Fewer visitors and website users.
  • You actually don’t own your website (you just use it like a book taken from the library). You can’t use any hosting provider.

Drupal (Powers ~ 800k websites)

Another popular CMS platform, which is often migrated. Here you can see the reasons of it’s being replaced.

Reasons of often Drupal migration

  • Adept level. If you’re beginner forget about this platform. Otherwise, you’re so eager to start their large learning curve.
  • Updates may be difficult and require additional resources.
  • The bigger website, the more issues with contributed modules compatibility.
  • No room for custom applications.
  • Simple website? Pfft, we don’t know what did you mean by this.

Weebly (Powers ~ 880k websites)

A CMS which is famous for its simplicity. So simple that there’s too much of it. Let’s consider why it’s one of the most migrated platforms.

Reasons of often Weebly migration

  • Limited customization of too basic themes. Like a monochrome movie.
  • Installing apps and extensions can be challenging. Platform doesn’t support 3d party apps.
  • Limited blog options.
  • Content management still needs improvement. And yes, it’s a content management system.
  • Difficult manual migration process. Once you’re here, you’re trapped forever.

Squarespace (Powers ~ 985k websites)

Design is the strong side of this platform. But somehow it completes our rate of the 5 most migrated CMSs. Here is why:

Reasons of often Squarespace migration

  • Expensive in some aspects (12$ per month for the limited amount of pages which are 20).
  • Not suitable for big websites (too simple navigation level for complex web projects).
  • Doesn’t support 3rd party apps and extensions.
  • Poor Backend user functionality.

Obviously, every platform has its flaws. Some of them more, some less. We wouldn’t be talking of these if they weren’t so specific. It’s good if there’s a way to overcome these issues using favorite platform but sometimes it may seem like an unclimbed mountain. That’s why people are seeking for the optimal solution.

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