From vBulletin to bbPress. A Lighting Fast Switch with aisite [Infographic]


If you are in the middle of deciding between two competitive forum boards – vBulletin and bbPress – you’ve got to the right place. The post below aims to compare this two software for you to make the right choice between them.

Despite the explosive popularity of the newer forms of social networks, forums still remain the backbone of online interactivity. Allowing to stay in touch and hold a solid interaction amongst like-minded people, they have earned the love and loyalty of large communities all over the globe.

When users compare vBulletin vs bbPress, they generally discover that the latest takes the cake in a number of issues. Keep reading to know what makes bbPress the primary choice for those who are serious about creating successful online communities.


vBulletin is a very popular forum solution that is used all over the globe by fairly big companies and organizations. It is packed with tons of useful options to make a forum meet any exact specifications. However, all the advantages associated with the software (scalability, flexibility, etc.) have their roadblock – the platform is paid. So, if you wish to settle your discussion on the vBulletin platform – be ready for financial investments.

If you need a free, but still powerful foundation for your online discussion – bbPress might be a worthy option to evaluate. The main reasons why bbPress beats vBulletin are:

  • bbpressFollowing the footsteps of WordPress – bbPress is 100% free.
  • Strong security features of bbPress prevent hack attempts.
  • bbPress is lighter than a feather because it was initially designed with as few features as possible.
  • Dozens of plugins allow adding extra functionality to make your bbPress forum grow in unison with your business.
  • Active and thriving forum-based support is always ready to help you in trouble.

Overall, both forum solutions are really great if used in the right context. Consequently, it’s up to every individual to make the right choice between them based on their skills, budget, and requirements.

Searching the way to convert your current vBulletin to bbPress? Scroll down and you’ll find all-the-way guideline of migration provided in the infographic below:

So, what else are you thinking about? Catch this long-awaited opportunity and migrate to bbPress right now.

Estimate Your Migration Price

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