The Untold Secret of Weebly to WordPress Migration In 10 Minutes

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So, you’ve come here tempted to get to know the secret, right? Here it is: there’s no easier thing than Weebly to WordPress migration. Especially, if done with superb automated aisite service! It’s done with no coding, no software installation and no copypasting. Moreover, before moving to WordPress for good, you can always run a free Demo to get a preview of your site!

Still not convinced? There are tasty additional options included, such as SEO juice migration and 301 Redirect from old URLs to new URLs. Plus, you can choose the migration insurance if you wish to come back and restart the process, for instance.

Can’t wait, take me to Weebly to WordPress migration page!

Those who wish to examine the process in details, keep reading it’ll get more interesting 😉

Escaping Weebly and Joining WordPress

What’s actually Weebly and why leave it? Weebly is a website builder, using which you don’t have to install hosting or buy a domain for your project. Also, some of the updates, database management, and site security is out of your “to do” list!  Weebly provides you with that and a few built-in features as well. Weebly cons are the following:

  • No reliable backup opportunity: content saved as a zip file, and there is no way you can restore it if the site crashes.
  • Poor customizations: no template editing and lack of add-ons are Weebly’s weak spots.
  • Free version issues: using it, you’ll get unprofessionally looking a weebly. com subdomain, no site search, and no multiple members!

Why stick to WordPress? As you’ve probably heard, WordPress is a king! It’s a free open-source project with almost no limitations on the customization field. You don’t have to be a techy monster to start using it as it’s super suitable for web beginners. Plus, with WordPress, you can go beyond the regular website limits, because you can create an online store or a forum, craft a non-profit website or get an exclusive portfolio at ease! Super WordPress features worth knowing:

  • Content management: is easy as a pie, just copy-paste the text and press “Publish”!
  • Lots of plugins: from SEO add-ons to security plugins, social media extensions and much more.
  • Ton of ready-to-use templates: most of them are responsive ones, suitable for phones and tablets as well.

Weebly to WordPress

The migration process from Weebly to WordPress isn’t difficult at all if you do it in an automated way. Have a look at the infographic below in order to get the idea of Weebly to WordPress transfer. After that, we present a step-by-step instruction.

So, now the migration process itself! Follow this presentation to get to know all the details of Weebly to WordPress transfer.

Well, there’s nothing more to hide, all the secrets are revealed! And how Weebly to WordPress migration task looks like now? Super easy, right? So, join the winners’ side and migrate all of your content straight away. P.S. don’t forget to run a free Demo first.

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