TYPO3 to WordPress Migration: Cause and Effect [+Prezi]

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It’s so amazing how rapidly the sphere of website management is growing and improving nowadays. Starting from static HTML site creation and moving on with the discovery of content management platforms, now almost everyone may easily launch their own web project. The diversity of CMS software varies significantly, thus you are welcome to choose the one that is right to your purpose and programming abilities. Make sure, you’ll find the appropriate solution whether you are going to start a blog or run a complex business enterprise.

So, in order to ease the issue of choosing this or that content management system let’s have a look at two of them that are of various calibres and learn whether it’s possible to move TYPO3 website to WordPress with all the content saved.

TYPO3 Genesis

TYPO3 is considered to be the primogenitor of CMS platforms, started at 2000 this website building tool is the reliable solution for many. The spectrum of its possibilities is pretty significant – TYPO3 provides you with the opportunity to create both a traditional website or business webpage (even including the intranet).

WordPress Alpha

Initially, at the beginning of 2003, WordPress was considered as the blog publishing platform. But with the march of history, WP has been developed to the true content management system. WordPress’ major working spectrum is the creation of weblogs, personal diaries, and complex websites.

So, moving to the essence of the matter, let’s review the major TYPO3 and WordPress benefits and drawbacks in details, where actually these CMSs win and lose.

TYPO3 History: Be Proud of

  • CMS + Workflow

TYPO3 is not just a content management system, but workflow as well. It means that you may easily take into control your business management or even possess the option of testing a new thing on the production site.

  • Power of Functionality

While speaking about TYPO3 functions, you should know that the key point of this CMS is its flexibility. It is a breeze to add extra options, like additional plugins, modules, or even applications. Currently, TYPO3 includes 4.000 extensions that will help you to get more functionality within all the possible options.

  • Diligent Documentation

So, in order to make your website management even more flawless and effortless, TYPO3 community has developed the strict and diligent documentation that will help you to adopt all the functions and options correctly.

WordPress Identity: Incomparable Features

  • Blog Publishing Platform + CMS

If you believe WordPress is more blogging platform than content management system, it’s a mistake. Yes, in both cases WP is simple and accurate in website management and performance. Whether you run a blog or website, this tool works to a high standard.

  • Functionality: Reliability and Performance

While comparing TYPO3 to WordPress, the letter is the leader of simplicity.The proof of being the #1 of mostly used CMS platform is the lion part of market share. Isn’t it better to use a little bit less functionality-rich platform without learning the dozens of documentation, as you should do with TYPO3?

  • WP Love at First Sight

So, if you decided to switch to WordPress, you shouldn’t be prepared for this from A to Z. You may easily get acquainted with it quickly. While TYPO3 at the same time requires being read from the very beginning till the end. Thus, WordPress is the intuitive and flexible site building tool for everyone.

Be Prepared TYPO3 to WordPress Migration New Site Polishing
1. Before getting started with the migration setup, you should proceed with some preparatory steps.

First of all, you should choose the optimal time for your TYPO3 to WordPress migration. It’s recommended to run data transfer when the traffic index is the lowest.

1. Now, when you are ready to make the first step to move all your content from TYPO3 to WordPress, you may do this in a few minutes by the automated converter aisite.

At first, you should register your new aisite account.

1. When the transfer is over, there are only a few finishing touches to make your new WordPress site be run and up.

Look through the site pages in order to check up the broken links.

2. Then, in order to exclude all the risks of data losses, make the backup of your site data. You may save it on a hard drive, flash drive or just use the backup option of your hosting provider. 2. Next step demands to specify the types of your CMSs in the drop-down menu. Then, provide the URLs of your Existing TYPO3 and New WordPress websites. 2. Take care of your SEO. With aisite you may insert 301 URLs redirects from your old TYPO3 site to WordPress, that will help Google bots to direct your users to the new site location.
3. Install your new WordPress website. Also, you may look through the necessary plugins for your future website management. And set up the appropriate URL formation – a custom structure of permalinks will be the alternative solution for SEO. 3. Now, you should set up the connection between your sites. There are two ways to proceed with this: connector bridge or connector plugin installation. 3. Also, you should generate a sitemap of your new site, in this way, Google robots will index all the website data properly.
4. Inform your site users about the switching. 4. When the connection between your sites is established, you may start choosing the options for your data transfer. 5. Redesign your new WordPress website.
5. Then, you may run the Free Demo Migration in order to check up the service in action.

In a few minutes, you’ll be able to evaluate the result and proceed with the Full migration of your TYPO3 website.


Prefer watching to reading? Here is a Prezi where every single step of data conversion from TYPO3 to WordPress is described.

Bottom Line

If you are thinking of moving your website from TYPO3 to WordPress, now it is the right time! With aisite, it is as uncomplicated as it has never been before. So don’t hesitate, start Free Demo and enjoy the results very soon!

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