TYPO3 to Drupal Migration: The Puzzle Is Solved

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Running a website is like an addiction. Once you have started it, you can’t stop. The necessity to improve the site becomes bigger and bigger. Even at the very beginning of the site development, you wonder which platform to chose to get this possibility to modify and customize your web project according to your needs.

That is why TYPO3 and Drupal are content management systems which come to your mind first. But there are two of them and which one to pick is up to you. We are not leaving you with this problem and are going to help. So, let’s analyze TYPO3 and Drupal and make a right decision.

TYPO3 Overview

TYPO3 is a free and open source CMS platform. It is possible to create sites of different sizes, from small ones to enterprise. TYPO3 is highly customizable so that you can use one theme for the whole website or design each page making your web project unique. This CMS has a tree structure which enables you to see the whole hierarchy of all the websites in an installation. TYPO3 has also a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) Editor. It allows the users to format text, add images, the internal and external links, etc.

Nevertheless, TYPO3 comes not only with pros but also with cons which should be mentioned here as well.

  • Working with this CMS platforms requires deep programming knowledge. If you are an advanced and experienced user then it won’t be a problem for you. It will be difficult for newbies to run a website on TYPO3.
  • One more thing is that the TYPO3 extensions demand more server parameters for the fast server running.

Drupal CMS: Must-Know Things

Drupal is a free open source CMS which enables its users to develop and run various types of websites, for instance, simple or complicated sites, blogs, forums, networking pages and other projects. All these are possible with such functions as advanced menu, polls and users management, graphic modification tool, etc which are at your disposal. Tons of plugins, themes, skins, etc can help you to make your site unique.

In order to get less disappointment with the platform, you should be informed about the weak features of Drupal CMS.

  • This content management system requires coding skills as well as TYPO3. So, it means that the unlimited customisation is available after some learning curves.
  • Due to the fact that Drupal sites are heavy, they may load for a really long time with a slow internet connection.

Making the Right Choice

So, as you can see, both TYPO3 and Drupal are very powerful platforms. But observing these features will help you to make a difficult choice. In case you have already a site on TYPO3 but now you want it on Drupal, then we are going to provide you with the simple solution. It is possible to convert your website on TYPO3 to Drupal with aisite migration service in a fully automated way. In the blink of an eye, you will have an opportunity to check how your newly backed web project will look like on a new platform by trying Free Demo Migration.  aisite tool will perform the TYPO3 to Drupal migration flawlessly, accurately and fast. So, don’t wait up any longer and give new life to your TYPO3 website right now!

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