TYPO3 CMS Platform: Your Website Engine


Discovering a new field for your website management is always a challenging process. You weigh all the benefits and drawbacks of this or that CMS software, try to determine the main purposes of your site running and many more – just not to rack your brains. So, you may agree, in general, the choice of CMS platform is a rather tough affair. Sometimes, this first step of website undertaking looks like a vehicle purchase.

Before we start looking through the most questionable aspects of the particular platform, let us get acquainted with TYPO3 CMS platform.

So, what is TYPO3?

TYPO3 is an open source content management framework that provides the huge possibilities for your website development and improvement.

But, we’d better reach its engine to discover all the sensitive matters of this website management tool. Thus, let’s look through TYPO3 details to distinguish whether it’s the right content management tool for your particular site case.

TYPO3 Advantages: Work Way Up

  • Modern Design Templating
    With TYPO3, you may customize the entire using an external application such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc. Every designer developed template is a sophisticated frame for your website. Moreover, it’s possible to maintain the design change easily because of the great template customization possibilities.
  • User Friendly Automatic Transmission 
    TYPO3 provides you with the flexible content management bar: built-in editors, customizable extensions, diversity of user permission accesses that help to manage the content enrichment directly to the specific website page according to the user’s access.
  • Extension Tuning
    Check out this TYPO3 offer for web developers – you may create your own extensions! Just expand the website functionality with the image optimizer, shopping cart installation, multimedia gallery, mobile app extensions.
  • TYPO3 Engine – Working Scale
    Eventually, speaking about the most meticulous CMS task – the field of the work, whether it is a blog page or complicated site, TYPO3 is able to handle the complex community network as well as the online store management easily and without efforts.

TYPO3 Disadvantages: Car Failure

  • Not for Amateur
    TYPO3 CMS installation and the first site management steps are the tough matter for beginners. That’s why TYPO3 is much more recommended for programmer developers and skilled website racers.
  • Server Requirements
    TYPO3 extensions and modularity require more server parameters for the fast and smooth web project running than other CMS platforms.

To trespass on the more extended website operation or even start your online business, TYPO3 is the right choice that will help you get over the web road traps and subdue the virtual page lacet.

Thinking about your TYPO3 migration? Make it automated with aisite. This automated online tool for website migrations will make your data transfer easier and swifter than you can imagine. Just register an account and you will your previous site content moved to TYPO3  in just a few clicks.

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