TYPO3 and Drupal: Fight in the Same League

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A content management system is probably the first and one of the most challenging choices everyone embarking on online representation makes. You might suppose that if you narrow the demands and look for a CMS that is open source, secure and scalable, you will have the solution ready. However, what you will face instead if the choice appears between TYPO3 and Drupal – two rival leaders of the CMS market that both have a lot to offer.

Why Choose TYPO3

TYPO3 is an open source CMS and it is distinguished by its large and active community, with web development company Agiliway being a part of it. It has thousands of free plugins, and additional functionality may also be written for your specific case using the internal TYPO3 language, TypoScript. Everyone loves the tree-like structure of TYPO3 pages, which allows varying the structure of the pages and repurpose any content you have for another page or another TYPO3 website. By the way, you can have as many websites as you want with one base installation. Besides, TYPO3 is excellent in managing access rights of both users and editors.  

Why Choose Drupal

Drupal is another secure open source CMS with a great ninja-like performance. Drupal has a bit larger market share than TYPO3, and it is actually more popular than TYPO3 everywhere but for Germany. Its peculiarity is the availability of multiple social community tools and simple creation of content by users, which makes it particularly suitable for social community solutions. Out-of-the-box features include some unique content types such as polls and podcasts. The latest version of Drupal 8 has brought significant changes to the system, making all built-in themes responsive, improving the multi-language support and increasing the speed due to Drupal Big Pipe.

The Downsides of the CMSs

The downsides of CMS are basically the same – higher hosting needs and more expenses on developers: since the two content management systems have a steep learning curve, the demand for TYPO3 and Drupal experts is high all over the worlds. Here is why you will often hear that TYPO3 and Drupal are for ambitious projects, not random blogging.  

Agiliway works out complex technological solutions on the basis of various CMSs and e-store platforms and has TYPO3 and Drupal among its favorites. In our experience, all the websites built on the basis of these two content management systems proved to be a success. For example, TYPO3 has provided a root for a massive collaboration platform with advanced logic, ROI4CIO, which makes the complex calculation for millions of users seeking to understand what IT solutions suits them best. Drupal, in its turn, has enabled a highly interactive website Agiliway have developed for the world’s leading fruit provider. Thus, while we invite you to choose the CMS that appeals to you most, we definitely recommend both as worth consideration! Moreover, there’s always an opportunity to change the mind and move from one CMS to another in a fully automated way.

Summing Up

  • Open Source: While having a robust core functionality, TYPO3 and Drupal are free, open source CMSs, so you will have to pay only for hosting and customization.
  • Scalable and customizable: Both TYPO3 and Drupal are powerful, allow managing multiple sites with one basic installation, have great core features and provide a wealth of extensions and plugins for customizing the websites to suit specific needs.  
  • Expert help needed: Customization of both TYPO3 and Drupal will require consulting developers.
  • Community engagement: A major peculiarity of Drupal is being designed for active community engagement. It has many social tool and solutions as well as facilities for the creation of content by the website users.
  • Its script: TYPO3 has its own internal script to write new extensions if the available do not fully satisfy your needs.

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