Should You switch from Tumblr to WordPress? [+Infographic]

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It seems that Tumblr and WordPress are eternal blogging rivals of popularity. The amount of users who run their web projects on these blogging platforms is increasing day after day. Tumblr and WordPress’ working scopes vary from personal diaries even to websites for business. Looking through their dainty packages, it’s worth to emphasize on the following Tumblr vs WordPress features.

Tumblr – Why it Makes You Desperate Blogger?

Contemplating Tumblr as one of the most widespread blogging solutions, it provides all the users with the exceptional opportunity to share all their content easily and with no fuss. Generally, Tumblr is more suitable for posting pictures, but texts. You may be sure that your blog will be followed by many other users and accordingly, you may follow back. Tumblr is usually compared with social media, like Twitter. On the other hand, it’s almost impossible to extend boundaries of simple social page, it’s difficult to optimize it to the search engines or proceed with any other like actions.

WordPress  – Like a Window on the World?

In contrast to Tumblr, WordPress offers much more advanced and progressive solutions for your blog management. It’s easy to extend your webs page to the site and optimize it to get more traffic and higher ranking. WordPress is suitable for business matters and personal blogs as well. However, if you just started running a site on WP, you should make some insignificant efforts to get used to this blogging tool.

In addition, we’d like to present you an infographic created by Xhtmljunction. You’ll be able to compare the number of WordPress and Twitter users. Just have a look!

Ultimately, in order to make your blog management more interesting and exciting, sometimes it’s needed to try something new. If you would like to try luck at WordPress, you have an option to switch from Tumblr to WordPress in a matter of a few moments. aisite may export your Tumblr blog with all the content items to WordPress. If you want to start it right now, set up your free Demo Migration and you’ll see how it’s easy to migrate Tumblr to WordPress with no installation and codes.

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