Tumblr, Blogger or WordPress: Are You Using the Right Software?

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Whether you are running on online diary or use your blog for advertising, you certainly want to be sure everything works just as you want it to. Different types of blogs have different requirements. It may eventually turn out that the blogging service you use doesn’t satisfy your communication or business needs.

So, Tumblr, Blogger or WordPress? Let’s try to find out whether you are using the right blogging software.

Tumblr: Microblogging Monster

Tumblr was founded in February 2007. Since then it has become one of the leading microblogging services.

The platform allows its users to post different types of information (text, images, links, audio, video etc.) in the form of short messages, called microposts.

Tumblr is very convenient and easy to use. According to its developers, it is «the easiest way to blog». At the same time, it has all necessary functions for uploading, editing and sharing information. You can post your own content and comment or reblog other user’s entries. By adding tags for each entry you can help other users find your information. The Mega-Editor tool allows you to edit multiple posts and tags.

Tumblr offers a wide range of customization possibilities. The appearance of your blog can be changed with a large variety of themes.  Also, you can edit HTML coding of your theme.

You can integrate your Tumblr account with Twitter or Facebook and send your posts directly to them.  It is even possible to post to Tumblr via email.

Tumblr allows to schedule your posts publishing time, so you can update your blog even being away from the computer. Other important functions are audio posts and short URLs. Tumblr is available in 12 languages along with applications for mobile devices.

The microblogging format has its advantages. You can make use of it if, for example, you don’t have much time but still would like to share important information. For some users microposts may be the most convenient way of online communication. If you feel that microblog is what you need for your purposes, Tumblr will be very helpful.

Blogger: the Classic of the Genre

Blogger is one of the oldest (launched in 1999) and most popular blog-publishing services. Presently it is owned by Google Inc.

Blogger allows any user, regardless of their skills and experience, create and maintain a blog for free. The service is undemanding and user-friendly. It offers a number of templates, which can be fully customized to make your blog unique without difficulty. With a simple drag-and-drop interface you can change the look of your page quickly and effortlessly. Also, there is a possibility to create your own templates with CSS.

Blogger is available in over 50 languages. The service allows you to publish an unlimited number of posts in one blog. Blogger supports group blogs with multiple authors. It is possible to set reading permissions, which will make your blog private or accessible only to invited users. Time-stamping allows to make delayed posts. With the help of geotagging you can specify your current location.

There are applications for posting to your blog via mobile devices. Blogger offers the possibility to make posts even by regular SMS or MMS.

The Blogger Product Forum is the official support page of the service. There is also some documentation, available through the Help button.

Blogger is a time-proved and reliable service. It has a large community, which can be useful if you want your blog to be read by a lot of people. If a classical blog is the format you would like to use, Blogger will be a good choice.

WordPress: More Than a Blogging Service

WordPress was launched in 2003 as a blog-publishing tool. Since then it has developed into a fully-functional content management system (CMS) with a vast number of features for creating websites. Today it is the most popular blogging service in the world.

WordPress is free and open-source, which means it can be fully customized. It has a huge community of users and contributors. Currently it powers more than 60 million websites.

The platform has an intuitive interface while offering a rich set of CMS features. The appearance of a WordPress website or blog can be changed with the help of numerous templates, both free and paid, which are available at the official WordPress directory. Besides, it is possible to change the PHP, CSS and HTML code of a template to make advanced modifications.

The functionality of a WordPress website can be extended by means of various plugins. Plugins can help you make modifications to any CMS feature or add new useful features, changing your website/blog according to your needs. The official WordPress website currently offers more than 25,000 plugins.

WordPress provides the possibility to run multiple blogs via single dashboard. There are also applications for mobile devices.

Additional languages are available with plugins. Currently WordPress is translated into over 70 languages.

For any questions you can visit the Support Forums or read the extensive Documentation.

WordPress is a powerful and highly-functional platform. If you want to extend your blog’s functionality, add some additional features or transform your blog into a fully-functional website, WordPress is just what you need.

To Migrate or Not to Migrate?

The moral of this story is that there are different ways to blog. There are microblogs, regular blogs and websites with blogging options. For each type of blogging there are suitable services.

If you run a blog powered by one of the blogging tool and you feel that you are using the wrong one, you can easily fix this problem by moving your data to another platform with aisite, a service designed for automated migration between content management systems.

aisite will migrate, for example, your Blogger or Tumblr data to WordPress quickly and safely in a few simple steps, with no coding and losing your time and efforts. For more information look here: https://aisite.ai/

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