Top Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Digital Marketing

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If you are a digital marketer and want to take all the advantages from your WordPress CMS, you are on the right page. This article is aimed at providing you the information about plugins which current CMSs maintain.

There are many content management systems on the web now, and their number increasingly grows. But one of the most popular and used is WordPress. According to some surveys, nowadays WordPress powers more than 26% of the web. Due to the multitude of the templates and plugins it offers, people stay loyal to it and continue to improve their websites. Let’s take a deeper insight and make out what are the WordPress plugins one must have for digital marketing.


Undoubtedly, it’s the first plugin you have to install if you use WordPress. It offers more than 30 opportunities for clients, including analytics, automated sharing, numerous SEO tools and advertisement on different sites. Moreover, you do not have to worry about your data loss as far as, Jetpack provides restores, two types of monitoring and secured logging in. There is also a support service on offer, so in case of trouble, you may always resort to it. One more attractive advantage of Jetpack for WordPress is it’s chargeless.

iThemes Security

This plugin is created to maintain the safety of your site. It monitors your website and rejects all the mistrustful connections. The principal features of iThemes Security are preventing hack attacks, banning troublesome users and scanning your site carefully. By the by, it is the #1 WordPress safety plugin, that’s why to persuade yourself that your site is in perfect security, you do need this application.


When it comes to checking up your comments, this plugin is just the ticket. After installing it, all the comments on your WordPress site will be filtered out, and ones which look like spam will be deleted. This brings lots of benefits for you: you save your disc space, time and of course you speed up your site. But be ready to pay money, if you are running business or commercial account.


You want to be as close to your readers as possible, but sometimes it happens that not all of them have access to their laptops. Besides, more and more people use their smartphones when searching through the Internet. And it’s of vital importance for website to be mobile adaptive. In this case, WPtouch will help you. It is regarded as a mobile-friendly plugin that delivers convenient version of your site to your visitors.


Brochures, leaflets, presentations, and videos all of them are means of good ad. One more way to promote your website among readers is creating a newsletter. With the help of MailPoet you can drop posts and pictures to your newsletter. Try the demo version, create a mail and send it to your audience.

Elementor Page Builder

This plugin may be considered as the main designer of your site. Collections of templates, animations, unique features as shadows and overlays will make your website good-looking and professionally designed. With Elementor you may change the interface of your site and get live view of it straight away. Many users claim that it is the fastest page builder for WordPress CMS.

Sociable Skyscraper

Sociable Skyscraper enables you to observe how your visitors engage with your website.With this WordPress plugin you can set up various rating systems for your posts, comments and pages as well as observe the latest tweets, mentions and reposts.

Final Words

All the plugins mentioned above are just a small part of the huge number of useful tools offered by WordPress. It is obvious that this type of CMS has made a household name for itself and now enjoys popularity among its users. And if you want to taste all the flavors of this platform and its unlimited possibilities, then aisite, an automated migration service, will help you move your current site to WordPress. This migration service lets you run Free Demo Migration and find out how your new website will look like on WordPress CMS. Test all the opportunities given by that CMS and move forward with full migration. With aisite service your WordPress website will easily reach the top!
And what plugins do you use to boost your digital marketing campaign? Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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