Top CMS Summer Updates: WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal

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Following the last summer sunbeams, it’s about time to sum up all the updates and improvements of the major giants of website creation tools – Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.  Surely, having a great rest, during this most-wanted vacation, all the website owners are desirous of trying new advanced features of their good old and reliable CMS platforms.

So, let’s find out the most majestic improvements of CMS summer season!

Drupal Core Improvements: Warning! Techs Only

  • New Version Release
    For Drupal Developers, the summer season has been a productive time to make a new version release – Drupal 7.23. This update is considered to be the minor release as far as all the changes have comprised bugs fixing and small API/feature improvements.
  • Nested Contextual Links Fixed
    From now on, all the Drupal users may forget about the bug which caused nested contextual links that were displayed improperly, now this bug is fixed. Also, there has been adopted some shift in the htaccess configuration file. Drupal Team has improved the CMF conduct with the server.
  • New Drupal 8 Release is Coming
    Unfortunately, this release doesn’t include any security system shifts. Also, Drupal developers are seriously working on their major release – Drupal 8. Thus, all the Drupal fans are looking forward to meeting the refined and deeply improved new Drupal with bated breath.

Top-Hot Joomla Updates: Stable Release Welcome

  • New Joomla 3.1.5 Release
    Comparing Drupal to Joomla CMS, the last has adopted more user-like features that make the website management simpler and straightforward. Joomla community has released the new version 3.1.5 that is the stable one.

  • Administrator Template and Interface Added
    With this new improvement, a new responsive administrator template (Isis) and interface are offered. Also, you may install language package directly from the extension manager. It has been fixed the security and some tracker issues.

  • Tagging System Enhancement
    Moreover, the tagging system has included the following shifts: tags may be integrated into all core components and they are implemented between extensions and can be nested ( it means that each tag have one parent tag and many children tags).

WordPress 3.6 “Oscar”: Summer Jazz User-Oriented Updates

  • New Long-Expected Release
    Summing up the summertime improvements, WP developers have released the new CMS version WordPress 3.6 “Oscar”, that was named in honour of an outstanding jazz pianist Oscar Peterson.
  • Twenty Thirteen Theme Added
    WP 3.6 has been enriched with the new free theme – Twenty Thirteen. New version supports the post locking and augmented autosave. This option is beneficial for the several website authors who are posting or adding at the same time.
  • Native Media Files Emed Available
    In addition, WordPress 3.6 boasts its built-in HTML5 media player that is used for native embedded audio and video files, so there’s no need to use external sources. Also, it’s said the menu editor is more understandable and easy to use. Sounds like a melodious jazz notes, doesn’t it?

How to Switch to the One of CMS Giants?

If you don’t possess one of these powerful CMS platforms, it’s so easy to migrate to WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal  automatedly with aisite.  Also, it’s possible to convert your website content from Joomla to WordPress,  Drupal to WordPress, or other CMSs.

In case you’ve decided to make a switch, set up your free (and very swift) Demo Migration and very soon you’ll get your new website in your dream CMS platform.

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