Top 7 Factors to Consider Before Choosing WordPress

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Nowadays online presence is an integral part of any business. However to build a website might be a relatively easy task, if the right CMS platform is chosen. WordPress is the most popular CMS across the Internet. More than 25% of all websites are built on this platform.

And although WordPress is considered to be the top CMS, there are some things to consider before choosing this platform to create and run your website on. In this article, you will read about the major factors to think about while making a significant choice.

1. Design

There are thousands of free and paid themes for WordPress CMS, and it might be difficult for you to choose only one. That is why it would be useful for you to have a cheat sheet about the top features of an ideal theme for any website.

  • Responsive Design

The number of users who surf the net via the mobile devices is steadily growing. That is why that fact that your site should be responsive must be your #1 priority. You can check the responsiveness of the template with Google Mobile-Friendly Test.

  • Updates

Updating the theme from time to time is essential. Why? Because the new update comes with bug fixes, new features, and security improvements.

  • SEO Friendliness

It is important to check if the theme is compatible with such WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast WordPress SEO or All In One SEO Plugin.

2. Functionality

With more than 40,000 plugins available for WordPress, it won’t be difficult to find the one with the help of which you can do almost anything. However, you should know that although plugins make the WP website flexible and add lots of additional functionality, they can slow down your site, if there are too many of them. So, don’t overload your website with plugins and install only those which you need.

3. Security

The site security can be a significant factor in the process of decision-making. WordPress is a mass-market CMS platform which makes it a common target for hacker attacks. This is one more reason to think about while choosing a CMS for your site. But if WordPress is still the number one for you, then consider enhancing your website security with plugins that actively prevent against hacking attempts.

4. Stability

Usually, it takes a few weeks to release the WP update. Most of them are new features, small bug fixes, etc., which make improvements to the system as a whole. Thus, the updates are a meaningful part of any CMS as they not only enhance the functionality and fix bugs but also patch the website vulnerabilities.

5. Support

It’s important to indicate that not all CMS platforms come with online support. That is why before choosing a platform to run your site on, you need to be aware of what is waiting for you.

WordPress is a free open source community project and comes with the incredible support forum. Millions of people are ready to help you in case you experience some WP-related issues. You get your questions answered within minutes and again – for free.

6. Third Party Integrations

Third-party integrations with WordPress websites are when you sync another platform or account with your site, allowing a free and open exchange of data between your site and the third-party platform.

In today’s marketplace, your website isn’t just about beautiful images and content. The online presence should be about streamlining operations, automating workflows, and providing your end users with tremendous value. That’s why third-party integration is necessary.

7. Multi-site Management

Nowadays more and more companies tend to manage more than just one or two websites. And it can be inefficient and expensive to run those sites on different platforms. Having those websites within a single CMS means more productive teamwork, possibility to save money on hosting services and better user adoption.

Bottom Line

I hope this article will help you clarify a few things about WordPress CMS. Moreover, I also believe that it will provide you with some decision-making information regarding where you are going to start your website.

And finally, if WordPress CMS is what you want, then aisite, an automated website migration service, will provide you with an outstanding opportunity to effortlessly migrate your existing site to WP.

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