WordPress Plugins for Developers & Programmers [Top 5 Plugins]

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One of the biggest WordPress advantages is its endless customization opportunities. A huge amount of plugins (almost +50k) allow extending a website functionality behind its original purposes making it easy to achieve the look and function required. The lion’s share of all these plugins has been created for developers & programmers to make their work easier and more efficient. The article aims to introduce Top 5 WordPress Plugins that are recognized to be the best choice for developers and programmers. Let’s get started.

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#1 WP Preserve Code Formatting

Known as the unique and advanced solution for WordPress professionals – Preserve Code Formatting is currently listed as one of the most downloaded addons (more than 16, 000 times). Basically, the plugin aims to:

  • Prevent most other plugins from modifying preserved code
  • Prevent shortcodes from being processed
  • Optionally preserve whitespace and code added in comments

Needless to say that it’s not an easy task to display code snippets because of WP coding and formatting, but with this plugin developers have an opportunity to do it quite easy and fast.

#2 Theme Check

Are you a theme developer? Then this WordPress plugin is a must. (But you probably know this already, since the add-on lists among featured plugins on the very first page). Theme Check helps to test theme and determine if your theme corresponds to the latest WordPress standards and best practices. The plugin is also great when it comes to detecting theme errors and improving its performance and look by providing useful tips.

#3 Advanced Custom Fields

Adds to your WordPress-based website flexibility of ultra level and makes fields creation and management more user-friendly. Visually create fields, choosing among lots of field types: text, WYSIWYG, image, file, page link, gallery, in fact, try to see more 🙂 (We should dedicate a separate article to this plugin one day). There is an opportunity to load data, using comprehensive enough API and appoint custom fields to various edit pages. You can also try a PRO version that includes additional features & fields for enhanced websites constructing, like repeatable blocks, page building layouts, intuitive galleries and reusable fields.

#4 HTML to WordPress Migration Plugin

aisite: HTML to WordPress Convertor has been specifically designed to make conversions from static web pages to WordPress in a totally automated manner. The plugin allows developers avoid hours of manual data moving and focus on other urgent issues running, while it takes care of all migration hassles and inconveniences. This online migration tool allows importing all pages and images from static HTML websites to WordPress fast and straightforward.

Psst, here’s how to use aisite migration plugin, in case you’re switching platform with us.

#5 Monster Widget

Needless to say that activating and deactivating widgets may be quite tedious when testing WP themes. The plugin has been specifically created to minimize developers’ time spent on themes testing. If a developer has created a WordPress theme for public distribution or for a client – the Monster Widget presents an instant picture of how different kinds of widgets are going to be displayed in a particular theme. Once a testing is done, all of the widgets can be easily removed in a matter of one click.

Being at the top in popularity over the last decades, WP tries its best to enhance its capabilities by continuously providing a huge amount of different WordPress plugins. Hopefully, the above-mentioned plugins will come in handy for developers who wish to make their job easier and more efficient. In case you wish to become a part of WordPress glory – have a go with aisite automated migration plugins and make the first step towards your web project success right now.

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