Top 5 Risks that Stop You from Website Migration and Their Solutions

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Chasing your web site rapid development and perfection, sometimes, the web management route turns into an irresistible desire to change your CMS into more powerful and effective platform.

However, usually, there are some aspects that stop you from migrating your website from one CMS to another. Today, we are going to find out the irreproachable solutions to break through all the prejudice and fears of the tedious migration process.

Common Website Migration Obstacles

#1 Losing SEO and Page Rank

Problem: Proceeding with the website migration you may easily lose your search engine ranking. Changing CMS software, all your URLs will be changed as well. Thus, you have to inform your search engine about your site migration and the place where your URLs have been moved to.

Solution: Facing with such problems you have to make arrangements with the immediate actions. At this point, you have to implement 301 redirect to your website. Thus, your will move Googlebot to your new CMS site. In contrast to other website migration fears, actually, this one is the root of all devil that you have to fix up immediately to preserve SEO juice of your site.

#2 Losing Website Content

Problem: If you run the website for some period time, probably you gathered a great bulk of information including your posts, comments, also, you have the considerable amount of users that follow your website updates. And usually, during the migration process, you do risk to lose some elements of your content.

Solution: To stop your goosebumps, breathe deeply and just choose the right way of data transfer. We offer you the tool that makes the migration automatedly. Choosing this method of data transfer you will preserve your pages, posts, content images, tags, categories, user data, their comments and other entities.

Note. Before you start making your site migration, think about the entities you want to migrate. Probably, there are some out-of-date articles or posts that are not useful anymore. This procedure will help you to simplify your migration and further actions on the new CMS platform.

#3 Broken Internal Links

Problem: Website migration supposes your internal links shift. It means all your posts that have the link navigations to other pages will be broken after the migration. And it’s a ground problem that also hurts your website.

Solution: You can move your content in the way that re-organizes your links according to the rewrite rules of the CMS platform you are moving to. The automated migration tool possesses this feature of moving your internal links and even can adapt them to the SEO rules of the target platform.

#4 Lengthy Website Downtime

Problem: Usually, the migration process takes considerable time and requires your site to be frozen. During this period you lose your users, ranking, traffic. If you have a massive  site with big amount of content, you have to stop your website management activity for several weeks or even months.

Solution: Moving your site with the automated tool you shorten the time of migration to several minutes. As the rule, it takes 15 mins on average depending on the size of a website. And even during this short period your web project is available online.

#5 Need for Programming Skills

Problem: Commonly, if you are on the way of website migration, you should have at least basic scripting knowledge. Even using some import plugins you are required to know some technical aspects of data migration.

Solution: You may substitute the tough procedure of CMS migration by using aisite data conversion service. With this automated tool, you don’t have to possess any coding knowledge. your actions are reduced to a few steps: your new CMS installation and indication of your source and target website CMS types and URLs.

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