Top 5 WordPress Plugins Any Freelancer Can’t Live Without

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It’s a foregone conclusion that the backbone of anyone’s successful freelancing is a fully operational website. One can spend long hours in front of the computer screen making the website eye-catchy and still get really pissed off seeing another ad popping up. Being a freelancer means that you have your time and hands untied to transform an ugly duckling into a top-class website. And the first thing in “To Do” list is stuffing it with some tasty WordPress plugins.

Though you may a be the user of another platform for your web project, do not pass by and keep reading. You will find plenty of handy facts that can change your perspective. And moreover, you never know when a desire to give a try to WordPress will appear.

Security comes first

Top 5 WordPress Plugins Any Freelancer Can’t Live Without

Security of your website is definitely one of the life-or-death questions when it gets to running a business. You know what people say: ”Life happens”. And, indeed, anything from being attacked by hackers to getting hotlinks can happen if you don’t pay attention to your security measures. Luckily, there is a plugin that can put an end to all your concerns with one installing. After downloading, All in One WP Security  not only provides you with the extremely powerful firewall but also offers a grading system with security points to show you how much you did for the website wealth. You have a choice between “Basic”, “Advanced” or “Intermediate” firewall rules to make sure it fits your security appetite.

A hare or a turtle?

Top 5 WordPress Plugins Any Freelancer Can’t Live Without

Imagine you followed our plugin pieces of advice, so the web project you are working on reached an outstanding popularity and…became overloaded. Thousands of people are seeking the information on your site, tearing it apart, at the same time, server is fighting a losing battle in order to give customers what they want on time. After all, a good half of them leave not getting what they wanted and the ones who stayed are even more furious. Well, you can prevent all that horror by clicking “Download” on WP Fastest Cache page. It’s easier to say what it can’t do rather than can. It generates static HTML files from your WP blog, admin has full control over cached files, those files are deleted over some time, it enables cache files for smartphones and logged-in users. And there are more possibilities, so don’t forget to check it out!

SEO is your best friend

Top 5 WordPress Plugins Any Freelancer Can’t Live Without

Yoast SEO goes further than that, it is your best friend as well as your mentor. This plugin advises you to use focus keywords while creating a post. It also treats you with snippet preview of any page or post you’ve created, so that you can see it from Google’s point of view. Moreover, it makes sure that crawlers will index your site and then it’s more likely you end up on the first search results page. So, are you ready to increase your chances to become “readable”? By the way, don’t hesitate to check the premium offer. It is capable of even more things you will lose your mind from.

A designer’s apprentice

Top 5 WordPress Plugins Any Freelancer Can’t Live Without

Creating your product is so much easier (and more thought-provoking ) if you do it on your own! It is immensely pleasant to take responsibility for the design of your own website with Elementor Page Builder since it serves as a bridge between your ideas and their transformation into real digital beauty. There isn’t a thing you can’t do with the help of this plugin. Don’t like the size of your section? Change it with one click. Few additional inches between columns spoil your perfectionist vision? Move it faster than anyone can say “flawed”. Besides, Elementor has giant templates library with more than 100 pieces, 28+ widgets to improve your website outlook with and opportunity to show the changes in design the very minute they are made. Premium version for webdesign gourmets is available as well.

A Backup Plan

Top 5 WordPress Plugins Any Freelancer Can’t Live Without

Why superheroes are so cool? That’s right, they always have a plan B. And sometimes even a few. If plan A fails, you confidently proceed with working following another way. BackupBuddy is the one which takes care of you being an awesome superhero on the web scale. Probably, you don’t like taking risks when it goes to the chance of losing your project forever. BackupBuddy copies literally every piece of your site – pages and posts, comments and theme files, plugin files and media. You can also choose saving database only or exclude some files from backup process. Once you followed 5 steps procedure, the entire mass of your work could be available for downloading in zip format. You are the one who decides where to store it – Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive or featured BackupBuddy Stash. BackupBuddy is one-time-paid plugin, so no monthly charges are implied. Moreover, 1 GB of storage as well as 1 year of plugin updates and support included in the price.

Final words

All those plugins mentioned above form just a small part of a huge WP plugins’ storage. Hopefully, they will come in handy in order to improve your web project. And in case those yummy WP offers left you speechless, there is just a harmless and smooth way to migrate to Word Press right now. Try Free Demo Migration, offered by aisite, the automated website migration and see how your existing website will look on WordPress platform free of charge!

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