Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2018

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Marketing sphere is as changeable as the fashion industry is. We’ve already observed new digital trends conquering the web catwalk: organic results prevailing over the paid ones, website speed being more way-up than keywords stuffed content, and more and more customers are getting engaged via social networks while plain search results are moving backstage.

But it’s 2018 already, so it’s time for new digital marketing strategies to take the top-notch positions. It doesn’t mean, though, that you have to deprive of all your brilliant and beneficial ideas used in 2017. On the contrast you may successfully integrate them with the new ones, creating an eclectic style for your website.

Eager to become a fashion setter rather than fashion victim in the web world? That’s where this article comes in handy.

1. Mobile responsive website

Tons of information was already produced to underline the importance of being mobile-friendly for every website. Look around! People are “glued” to their phones while waiting in the line, having lunch or sometimes even on dates. They are addicted to those devices just like kids are addicted to their favorite toys. A smartphone is the first thing you use to find something, then to purchase it and finally to share your experience via social media channels.

Around 60% of consumers prefer using mobiles rather than desktops to start their search, and this number is believed to reach 80% by the end of 2018. And it’s logical, since using phones is more convenient and faster. So make sure your website looks perfect when reached via phones because that is the direct way to attract your customers. We have 6 more reasons which will change your perspective concerning mobile-responsive design.

2. Chatbots

Having quick access to your users simply means that you care and ready to hear them out in any case. Chatbots are becoming more and more popular among food companies and web design studios, post services and online shops. Those little colored squares in the corner of your website page may serve as a direct tool to answer customers’ questions and clarifying general notions. And once again it’s all about being fast and convenient. There was a time when people couldn’t live without reaching the company via phones and emails, now the chats era is looming on the horizon.

But instead of making a plain messenger, you can come up with something more interactive. Like appointing Yoda as your account manager! I mean who wouldn’t like to talk to Yoda to get the ultimate “jedi” answer? So, experiment! Play a bit with templates, color palettes, even the sound effects. You can also ask your CMS to help you out. WordPress, for instance, has a few nice plugins for creating chatboxes, like MyChatbot or

3. Interactive content

Same good old “toying” around with content. While customers are becoming more and more demanding due to a rich variety of services, you should be able to stand out from the crowd to impress their minds. Produce the content which will speak volumes, which will tout the service just like funfair barker does. The louder he yells, the more customer he attracts.

The the most “yelling” types of the content are the following: videos both pre-recorded and live sessions, infographics, social media posts, which represent the brief version of your post/article on the main blog, white papers and e-books, landing pages and personalized emails. Undoubtedly the royal content, which may increase your traffic at ease, remains the same for several years running: video. It is believed to be the most powerful tool to influence the user’s choice as well as the future ruler of the digital marketing world.

4. Sharing the content ravenously

That’s probably the trend that will never get old. Sharing is still the hottest topic among digital marketers in 2018, and moreover, it expands its influence due to the new ways of distribution. After Snapchat blown up the market with “stories” format of engaging, such popular social media giants as Instagram, Skype, Facebook, started doing the same. Now with YouTube releasing its own stories called “Reels” , it’s clear that that’s what people like and use the most.

Creating stories can be challenging since you have to be short in your performance as well as determined to produce a catchy kind of an ad. You have only a few seconds to persuade customers to check out your service, or otherwise, they will just jump on the next “story”. You can also share your content via good old way of making posts for Facebook, LinedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, etc.

5. Reviews

Genuine personal opinion towards your service or product not only plays a crucial role for your reputation among the customers but also directly impacts the search engine ranking. Google checks all of your reviews and evaluates your website according to those mentions.

Just like all the other search engines, Google will never put you in top-positions in case the only reviews you’ve got were lower than 3 stars.

You may try to submit your product and get the review on such websites as Capterra, Product Hunt or Google My Business. Also if you have the product/service page on Facebook, pay attention to reviews left there as well. Moreover, think thoroughly how to create a well-structured procedure of getting those reviews from your clients. Whenever the person is satisfied with the deal, your service provided, ask for the feedback.

Bottom line

All in all, in 2018 you may use the mix of all marketing trends to form the ultimate success formula. Producing interactive content and sharing it in an unusual way, engaging more with clients directly and getting feedback on your services. Remember, the more you try out, the more options you get. Don’t be scared of using something new!

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