Top 5 Most Common Reasons Why Website Is Not Converting

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If you are just getting started in the business, you probably know that getting the proverbial word out about your product or service isn’t a fete for the faint-hearted. You could be having the best product or service but still end up closing down the line due to poor promotion. Important as it is, brand promotion can be difficult for entrepreneurs in terms of trying to figure out the best option that will ultimately yield results. The truth of the matter is there are multiple ways to promote your offerings such as free samples and personal selling. However, the ultimate winner lies in having a website — and not just a website, but one that features an intuitive web design for excellent user experience.

Number of Websites Globally

Although it’s hard to keep track of the number of websites globally, a recent survey by Netcraft showed that as of June 2018, there were more than 1 Billion websites globally although the number keeps on fluctuating. Even as you read this article, the number is still changing. This meant that anybody around the world could create their own website on a royalty-free basis.

Fortunately, we have compiled 5 reasons why your website isn’t converting and how you can remedy the situation.

Missing Analytics to Measure Performance

Analytics to Measure Performance

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your web design is to ignore performance data behind the website’s use. According to research conducted in 2013, 75% of start-up businesses tend to overlook the importance of analytic tools meaning they are clueless about what their customers want.


While setting up a website for your business, you should treat it as an investment and the best you can do to protect it is to evaluate the progress and measure success. Google Analytics plus many other tools give valuable information about how your customers behave allowing you to align your marketing with your target audience.

If your website is running on the WordPress platform, there are free plugins that easily integrate with the platform to help you specifically target your audience.

Cluttered Web DesignWeb Design

Clutter is another common trap that businesses face when designing their websites. Initially, you may start your business with a simple homepage with a few tidy banners. A few years down the line, you realize that your homepage is littered with multiple windows all trying to wrestle for space and attention. This is a recipe for headaches especially for the users plus, it could easily erode your initial message.

The solution lies in sorting out your priorities. Unless you want to create a legend website like Lingscars, your homepage needs to be simple and logic.

Incoherent Call to Action

Call to Action

Another biggest mistake that businesses make in the course of their website development is the lack of clarity in their call to action.


Basically, call to action (CTA) is a persuasive command that’s normally attached to a button or a link with the intention of getting customers to subscribe or buy your products or services.


In case you are wondering how to write a CTA, you should leverage on the information that brings out the best of your product’s value. It should be short, concise, and clear to the point. Good examples of a CTA include Add to Cart, Sign Up Now, Contact Us Today, etc.


Large Uninterrupted Blocks of Texts

Blocks of Texts

A customer looking to purchase a product isn’t interested in straining their eyes reading through large paragraphs to their entirety. Instead, they quickly scan the content of your website to establish whether the info is worth their time or otherwise.

As a website owner, it would be counterproductive to have a big chunk of text as its hard to read and gives the illusion of a low-quality website. Instead, you should use different font sizes, colors, and break the large paragraphs into minimalistic and readable content.

In addition to playing with the fonts, you can increase the average website conversion rate by ensuring that the paragraphs have topical divisions by including headings whenever necessary.

As an extra precaution, supplement your web design with links and visual elements like pictures and videos.

Lack of a Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Unless you are new to the internet, by now you know that a responsive website design is a de facto standard. Its estimated that mobile devices account for 52.6% of all the internet traffic meaning that more people are browsing through their phones. With that in mind, almost a quarter of WordPress websites don’t provide an optimal user experience.

Without responsive web design, your business not only alienates a large pool of customers who use mobile devices but could also be flirting with a severe de-ranking punishment from Google. You can start by optimizing your already existing theme or use plugins that allow for mobile optimization.

Needless to say, you need to have a strong customer support to intervene in situations where customers are facing website navigation issues through mobile phones.

Final Thoughts on Web Design and Conversion

When it comes to business, every lost conversion means a lost sale which may never be recovered. The above tips will help you do that at the same time help you troubleshoot any issues. Dedicate your time and resources towards amending these problems and you will start enjoying the ripple effects of ample website traffic.

Remember, creating a website conversion funnel isn’t a one-time process. It’s impossible to see changes by implementing a single set of change. Instead, you need to constantly pay attention to the behavioral metrics of your customers and making gradual tweaks in transit.

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