Top 5 best CMS to Run a Small Business in 2021

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Nowadays, having a strong web presence is crucial importance, even for the most humble of businesses. The choice of the proper CMS solution is one of the essential elements of this affair. The foundation that you use for your site maintenance can either make the workflow smoother or create additional bumps on the road. Therefore, we have picked out the best CMS platforms for small business that can successfully fulfill the requirements in 2021.

Top 5 best CMS for small business


It is the most well-known and talked-about CMS solution. This free and open-source platform holds 62.3% of the CMS market share! You can check the comparison of the WP statistics in the last 5 years in our article. So, starting as a blogging platform, WordPress has developed into a full-fledged CMS that can fulfill any specific needs. And for now, a significant amount of top websites are using this platform. The major benefits of WordPress that are particularly appealing to small businesses are:

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "wordpress logo"   Low maintenance costs. Not only the platform itself is free, but due to its ease of use, in most cases, there’s no need to hire a developer to get the website up and running. Even those beautiful themes are free, and the premium ones cost around $48-$68! A large array of plugins, the majority of which come free of charge. With the help of those, you can expand your site’s functionality greatly. For example, – MonsterInsights – awesome Google analytics plugin. You surely know that statistics is an essential thing for a business. And there are many others. Extremely SEO-friendly. WP SEO management tools that allow increasing the traffic of the web project. Free Yoast SEO plugin helps a lot to get along with Google search console. It analyzes the Readability and SEO score and shows the users what exactly they should change or improve. Easy to use. There is an intuitive interface, so publishing will be elementary. Also, it’s highly customizable, which is a big advantage for a business.



This website building tool is a bit more complicated than WP. Even though it is more challenging to get familiar with, once you learn it, you get a lot in return. Furthermore, Joomla can be an excellent option for those who need a lot of custom type posts. But actually it’s not beginner-friendly. In case you have a Joomla (or any other CMS) site and recognized that it isn’t the best solution for you, check aisite migration service! It can help you to move all of the data quickly, easily, and automatically! So, the most prominent advantages of this piece of software are:

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "joomla logo" A pool of extensions. Joomla offers almost 7,793 extensions to choose from, with a wide variety of options available. Some of them are free, and some are pricey. Support. This CMS platform provides multilingual support Capable developer community. Joomla!’s team of developers works hard to surprise its users with new features constantly. Design options. This software product provides its users with a lot of freedom and versatility when it comes to design.  


It is a real titan in the field of CMS platforms. It has been on the market since 2001 and has gained an army of loyal followers. One of the things this solution is famous for is its capability to uphold large websites with a great number of pages and articles. Therefore, if you plan on expanding your current small business and/or site, Drupal should be high on your consideration list. Some of the other factors that can make you lean towards this platform are:

drupal Rich feature set. This piece of software is able to fulfill even the most forward-thinking expectations. High level of security. Drupal-based sites are difficult to hack. Support of various social networks. This platform offers a convenient way of interacting with external media.



It’s a good option for those willing to start a simple content site and easily use it to create an active and vibrant community. Just like all of the previous solutions, this platform is absolutely free of charge. Some people say that Concrete5 grows with your organization’s needs and consider it to be the best CMS for small business! Here are a few of the reasons to consider Concrete5 for your small business site are:

Easy content editing. If your site contains many pages of static information that has to be updated frequently, this CMS platform could be of great aid in this task for you.concrete5_Logo_300x360 A gazillion of add-ons and themes make it easy to customize the site. A good support system. In case you got stuck, you can count on the support to help you out.

Opportunities. Using this CMS you are able to create private areas for staff or customers. Also, you can share documents securely.



It’s a relatively young platform that has already managed to gain the love and loyalty of large communities all over the world. Many businesses use it: government and non-prПов’язане зображенняofit organizations, which proves the immense versatility of this solution. Some of the other benefits of SilverStripe include:

Flexibility and ease of customization. This software product offers a large set of tools to set up a professional-looking site in a matter of minutes. User-friendly back-end admin interface. Managing a SilverStripe website is comparatively easy, even for the newbies in the industry. Great SEO features make it easy to drive traffic to your website.   Now when you know the best available options, the exact choice is only up to you. Have you already define what CMS is the best for your small business? In case your current platform is missing something, or you feel like you could do better with one of the options mentioned above – it is never too late to switch! 

Also, if you are going to migrate your website from current CMS to WordPress, you are able to order the Design customization! Check this video to learn more about this option:

The conversion process with aisite automated migration service is very quick and easy! All of your content will be moved completely safely. Use the possibility to run Free Demo Migration to preview how your website will look like on the new CMS. Give it a try and enjoy your new platform!

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