Top 3 Website Security Vulnerabilities You Can Prevent

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Security is an issue which any website owner should not neglect. It matters more how resistant your site is to hackers’ attacks rather than how cool it looks, for instance. Because if it gets cracked, the project you’ve been working on so hard with all the important data, can be lost forever. Your website security depends on many things, including which CMS you’ve chosen, what hosting provider you have or how anti-spam system is implemented on your site.

And even if all of those points proved to find reliable options, the safety of your web project can seriously suffer due to other facts. Now, we’ll take a look at top 3 most common website security vulnerabilities and check out the ways of how to prevent them from occurring. Ready, steady, go!

1. Using outdated software

It seems like an obvious thing, but while users mostly try to find the security breaches somewhere else, it lies right under their noses. Using outdated software, both the server operating system and a CMS/forum platform, you’re running your project on, can severely influence your web kid’s safety.

Why is that? Well, the updates are created not just for fun. The developers are upgrading software to make it more flawless with each release; it concerns usability, functionality, and security as well. Plus, something brand new always leaves hacker’s a bit confused, as it gets more time to learn all the pitfalls of software to “tame” the code and violate the web presence.

So, ensure you keep all software up to date. Start from checking your CMS/forum version, then look at the fresh security patches and apply all the changes asap. Also, don’t forget about the add-ons you use on your site, it may turn out to be the crucial point as well.

Note: If you’re running your site on WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, you may perform the update with the help of aisite service. Transfer all of your content to the newest platform version to ensure there is no spark of data loss. P.S. the forum platforms update is possible as well.

2. Having No Backup Solution

Second most common security mistake is having no backup solution for your site. You know how they say: “life happens”. You have to be ready for any possible scenario of the site development. While trying to build a perfect web project, you can meet any potential obstacles, designed by the 3d party influence or your own mishap. The most important part is not to let those severe circumstances catch you at a weak moment.

That’s exactly what a backup offers you: save your content no matter what happens. Been hacked and can’t reach your site anymore? At least, you have all the important data saved. Experimented with your project pushing it far beyond its limits? If your website/forum is down, you can restore it at ease!

When it gets to the backup solutions for different CMSs, here, however, things get a bit complicated. Unfortunately, not all the vendors provide its customers with such opportunity.

The richest choice of different backup plugins undoubtedly is WordPress specialty.There are maaaany of such add-ons with various stuffing inside. You can manage multiple automated backups and store your data on Dropbox, Google Drive or FTP with the help of UpdraftPlus, create a twin-site with Duplicator or save the files selectively with BackupBuddy. Learn more about different WordPress backups solutions now.

3. Careless Components Choice

Again, it looks like an obvious thing, but usually, people pay little attention to the origin of the components they tend to install on their sites. It’s neat when you’re eager to change something in your website functionality, but you have to pick every piece of coding meticulously, double checking everything to the last detail.

Because sometimes, the web penetration can occur due to the add-on uploaded eternity ago, which without proper inspect turned into a ticking bomb. It’s always easier to trust the unknown source with the ultimate solution you were trying to find so hard, still, keep the head cool and learn anything possible about it. You can examine it on, let’s say, test site, where nothing could damage your data. After it passed the trial, imply the component on your main site.

As we know, WordPress represents the plugin king there, having more than 55,000 items in its directory. But thanks to its popularity, WP became a living target for hackers, and unfortunately, the plugins present the option for them to break through. Add-ons created by the 3d party are the most vulnerable ones. You can either entrust your choice to golden WP plugins lists or by testing testing testing them.

Wrapping Up

It seems like bearing in mind those facts, you’ll become more successful on your website development path. And in case, you’ve revised your current platform, and it looks less winning in terms of security, you can always change it! Whether you decide to switch it to WordPress or another CMS, run a free Demo first to check the results and after move all of your content for good.

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