Top 15 WordPress User Errors: Don’t Get into a Trap [Infographic]


WordPress CMS looks like a great website tool where the lightness and ease of use are the inalienable components of your site management. But, still, running a website is the matter that requires close attention and knowledge to be successful.

You may focus on your content strategy to get more visitors and rankings, but accidentally leave out the essential WordPress technical issues that may distract your visitors. For instance, inconvenient content elements location, slow page loading etc.This can seriously damage your reputation and make your efforts a total waste. Moreover, in case you neglect the best protection practices, it poses a threat to the security of your web project and makes it an easy-to-get piece for hackers.

To avoid most common WordPress errors, we offer you to look through CopyBlogger infographic and make sure you close the chapter of WordPress concerns such as website security, appearance, sidebars, plugin management, backups etc.

Now you know how to make your WordPress website management a pleasant matter for you and your site users!

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