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There’s over 7,600+ extensions available from the official Joomla! Extension Directory that help compliment your Joomla! website and let it grow and scale in unison with your business. All these extensions suit almost every purpose: social networking, checkout services, advanced comment services, easy-to-setup photo albums – in fact, the lineup is endless. In this blog post we will take a quick peek at the top 10 extensions topping the list.

When it comes to website creation, Joomla! tries its best allowing to build something that looks good and works well. Combining the WordPress simplicity with the Drupal functionality – Joomla! makes it easy to build and maintain professional-looking websites either by experienced web developers or average users. However, “out of the box” Joomla! CMS is still lacking many of the features that are considered to be essential by today’s business owners. Let’s try to make a short resource for Joomla! users to reference while choosing extensions for their website.

Joomla K2

Despite the fact that Joomla! is beneficial in terms of many issues – ease of content editing isn’t one of them – at least, not without the K2 extension. K2 is very useful and well-rounded content manager that aims to add those important features that Joomla! misses (like comments, image auto-resizing and author profile pages). It puts the platform a level-up as a blogging platform giving its users the ability to create rich content forms. By the way, this extension is currently supported by our service.

Akeeba Backup

Needless to say about the importance of having a website backup to protect your site from security breaches. And in case you’re a Joomla! user – you may consider Akeeba Backup extension as a way to effectively copy your website. This helpful tool will give you a peace of mind creating full backups of your site that can be used to restore your website in case of human- or server-error and hackers.

Better Preview

Being not a huge extension – it is probably one of the most useful and time saving plugins available for Joomla!. Better Preview allows Joomla! users to see an exact preview of the piece of content they are currently working on so that they can easily commit any changes or modifications to the content before publishing it live.

Community Builder

If adding a social component to your website is on the horizon – the Community Builder is a worthy option to evaluate. It is a great extension to the basic Joomla! system that aims to turn Joomla pages into highly-interactive communities. By integrating registration features, member profile pages, forums and more – the tool takes your social integrations a step forward.

Mobile Joomla!

Presently the mobile Internet is getting more and more popular – so if your website is not mobile responsive, you will definitely be missing out on eyeballs and conversions. As this trend is constantly growing – Joomla! has recently created a mobile website solution for everyone running a Joomla!-powered site to reach out a mobile audience. Users are given the possibility to easily create a basic mobile website very quickly or create the perfect mobile website with the help of their mobile templates and framework.


If you are searching for a way to present media- and dynamic content on Joomla!-based website (like graphics, slides tabs or icons) – Widgetkit is a way to go. Packed with great dynamic features – the tool allows to display any type of content and therefore excite and spice up the visual look of the website.


Basically, the Joomla! core does not give readers a possibility to leave comments. In case you are writing blog posts or some kind of editorials –  this extension can be of crucial importance. JComments aims to expand Joomla!-powered websites with commenting functionality and has a nice and intuitive administration interface to manage moderation, blacklists, bad word lists and settings. It is one more aisite supported extension you may make use of.


All websites usually contain some type of form for visitors to fill out and that’s where ChronoForms can more than help. Although there are dozens of form building extensions floating around the market –  ChronoForms is top ranked because of its high ability for customization and integration to third party systems.

FrontPage Slideshow

If you are searching a way to add an amazing professional-looking slide show to your site’s homepage – you search ends with FrontPage Slideshow. Although there are lots of different Joomla extensions offering slideshow functionality – this Joomla! extension stands out from the rest for its ability to integrate text and images together, as well as the number of configuration options that are available to enhance the appearance of your slide show.


Though its title may sound terrible, the SH404SEF extension is a great solution for making your Joomla! website SEO-friendly. Basically the platform’s set of SEO optimization features is lacking and consequently it has a reputation for having security problems. This extension is targeted at creating effective search engine friendly URL’s and cope with any 404 requests. aisite service supports the extension for you to have the possibility to migrate them as well.

Feeling inspired to make your web project even more successful with Joomla!? Have a go with aisite automated migration service – convert to Joomla! right now and make your most forward-thinking ideas come true.

There are literally thousands of more players in Joomla! Extensions market to choose from. Which extensions can you and your website not live without? We value your input and encourage you to leave comments on this article in the section below.

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