It’s Time to Play Big: Start a Web Design Process [+Infographic]

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It doesn’t matter whether you run a business or nonprofit organization if your company is prosperous enough, one day it might be the right thing for it to start playing in the web league. And that is the time when you face one of the most exciting and at the same time nerve-racking challenges: web design process.

Most people think that web design is all about choosing the right color palette, creating a catchy logo and finding vivid pictures for your site. Though, it is just the tiny part of a colossal procedure when you will have to reconsider your ideas again and again to reach the perfect harmony between form and content. You can do it on your own or hire the web designer, but still, if you have one, your work isn’t done there. I hope I didn’t scare you out: if you plan everything thoroughly enough, this challenge might bring you the harvest ever after.

Find out the purpose

You might know your company’s goal, but you also should be capable of presenting it to other people. That’s why you need an attractive and structured website which can help your visitors “get to know” your organization. To achieve the full interaction between the users and a site, you have to give the answers to the following questions: What does your company specialize in? What makes your project a unique one? What people seek when they visit your website and what can they find? After you define your target audience and mind the clear goal, you can proceed to next step.

Tip: don’t be afraid of separating the husk from the grain: your web project should have only one primary goal (but not more) and two or three subgoals.

The project blueprint

This stage includes creating a sitemap. A sitemap is a primitive structure of your website, and though there is a part “web” in that word, the sitemap can be created on the piece of paper with the help of a simple pen. Just outline the main parts of your web project, like homepage, about company, blog, product list, contact, portfolio, etc. and the connections those pages provide. For example, by clicking on Blog, a visitor can explore Category 1, then it leads him to Post 1 or Post 2. Once it’s done, you will find yourself one step closer to resetting an imaginary project into a real site.

Tip: explore your competitor’s websites to make a better scheme of your own enterprise.

Visual elements and content stuffing

Now it’s time to reach your inner esthete: find some proper images and set the colors your website will use, though keeping in mind the SEO-friendliness. It’s vital to remember how each element of your website influences the project in general. If you choose to implement pictures of a high definition, will it slow down the site work? Do your website elements form a mobile responsive design? Not only that but also the number of keywords in posts/articles matter. Because that is one of the “leads”, you leave for search bots to find you. Also, make sure that every little piece of your project carries a particular message for a visitor.

Tip: stuff your site with multiple visual elements such as videos, images, presentations, infographics, screenshots and even memes.

And here you are with a web design of your dreams, standing on the verge of probably the most important event of your life. It only takes to test everything once again….and launch the site!

Here is the infographic created by B. Roesink, revealing 69 tips of a successful web design process to deliver you more detailed info:

69 Web design tips


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