Thumbs Up for… Drupal or HTML?

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If your website address ends on .html or .htm, then you are running a static HTML site. Using an HTML language was the first and the only way to develop and run a web project. That is why only those who had some coding knowledge could manage a website. Those people who didn’t have such skills created a website with the help of webmaster. However this way had some disadvantages. For instance, those, who had an online store or a blog which constantly required some modifications, had to call their webmaster each time they wanted to change the price for a product, change the date of sales, make some changes to the design, etc. This was inconvenient for almost every static website owner. That is why something had to be done and the content management system was developed.

The purpose of CMS platforms was to simplify the website management and enable all people to create, run, modify, etc the web projects by themselves.

So, there are lots of content management systems all around the world but we are going to discuss today one of the most popular and powerful CMS platforms – Drupal. So, we are going to analyse the differences between a static and dynamic websites to find out which one will entirely satisfy your needs.

Using HTML Web-Programming Language: Pros and Cons

Let’s begin with the older one – HTML. Such sites are also called “static” or “flat” which means that they cannot be changed except by code changes. But still with the HTML website you will have stricter control over the exact look and style of each page.

HTML to DrupalYou should also know that all pages need to be coded by hand. A static HTML site requires lots of lines of code, tags and parameters. So, to add a simple image or text can be a really hard and tedious task to do unless you are a webmaster. If you want to have a large website, then you have to know that it will be expensive because each page must be built by hand.

Drupal CMS: Will You Benefit from It or Not?

Drupal CMS comes with lots of advantages. It is suitable to maintain different types of websites: from local businesses to global corporations. This platform is designed to be heavily customized. This CMS provides its users with tons of modules which make it easier to perform the necessary customisations. It is possible to do almost everything with Drupal, you can be limited only by your imagination. It is also easier to maintain the website on Drupal platform. There are lots of design themes available for the Drupal users. With just a click you can change the look of the web page completely.

HTML to DrupalIt should be mentioned that the development and management Drupal sites have a steep learning curve. But nevertheless, it is a beloved CMS platform by many developers all over the world.

Drupal or HTML: Distinctive Features

Now, we present you a table where you will be able to observe the main differences between the static and the dynamic websites.




Initially the cost is higher but it is cheaper to run

It is expensive to manage this site

It is more capable: there are lots of already developed modules and this makes it easier to add one to the Drupal website The static website is less capable: there are no available modules, it is necessary to create plugins for HTML websites
Ease of
It is possible to have a totally different look in 5 min It is necessary to code each page in order to make some customisations
A dynamic website with an advanced design is faster to implement It is slower to implement an HTML site with an equally adventurous design

Summing Up

Now you are aware of a static HTML and a dynamic Drupal websites: their features, the opportunities you could have with each of them and the differences between them. If you have started your web project using an HTML language, it is never too late to change it. With aisite you have a great possibility to convert your current HTML website to Drupal within minutes.

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