The Plugin Paradox

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This winter we went on a search. Is less always more, and can this be applied to plugins.

The idea was simple. 66 weird plugin reviews in 6 days. We would first have to check the thrill of the hunt of WordPress plugins and see how far the addicts can be driven.

It turns out that a WordPress site cannot hold 666 plugins. But it does with 637.

As states WPMU DEV team, the record for the most number of plugins installed on their member’s WordPress site is 637.

Guess what? You’d be wrong.

The debate: Will too many plugins break your site?

The guy’s project, we’ve reviewed above, worked fine. And (surprisingly) we kid you not.

What we’ve noticed, and can be seen in some of the forums and comments, is that people still ask for the max amount of plugins that would potentially low a WordPress site. So here’s the answer: yes and no.

For every fact stating that excessive plugin use is a bad idea, there could be found an equally convincing argument stating that this is not the case.

Because most of the authoritative experts and trusted sources do not tell the exact amount of WordPress plugins which is to be too many, we’ve dived deep and found a special case.

Dan Norris, co-founder of WordPress website support service WP Curve, states that the optimal amount of plugins to install in 1 site is 20.

41.655+ plugins, how do you pick?

Connecting the dots, we’ve got one last good thing for you to mind and reconsider.

And who could be better in advice than WordPress Evangelist Chris Lema?

Check on 2 minutes the course of thinking we recommend to take, and  try your website on an expert’s pick – WordPress CMS.

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