The Lazy Way for phpBB Migration

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Since its creation in 2000, phpBB has become the most widely used Open Source forum solution. Like its predecessors, phpBB has an easy to use administration panel and a user-friendly installation process, which allows you to have a forum set up in minutes.

But with a significant number of new technologies appearing every minute, there is a variety of incredible forum boards besides phpBB. And if one day it happens that you feel like trying something else, starting from scratch is not the wisest decision. Just for such cases, an automated phpBB migration exists.

Where you win if resort to the automated converters?

  • Save a lot of time and efforts, as far as there’s no copy-pasting at all;
  • Preserve such paramount notions like SEO, entities relations and 301 redirects;
  • Stay assured that a website won’t be down or invisible during the migration.

Bonus!  An automated forum and website migration service aisite lets everyone run a Free Demo migration and move a part of data absolutely for free. This way, you can preview the final result of forum migration and make a decision without hesitation.

How to migrate from phpBB in the laziest way?

1. At first, there’s a need to sign up with aisite service. To create an account, just provide the name, email, choose a password, and that’s it. To go even lazier way – sign in via Facebook or Google account.

phpBB migration

2. Now it’s time to commence phpBB migration. For this, choose phpBB as a Current Forum Board from the drop-down menu and indicate your phpBB website address.

phpBB migration

3. To let aisite service move your forum data, connect to your phpBB website by installing Connection Bridge. Watch the detailed video tutorial to do it in a fast manner.

phpBB migration

4. It’s high time to provide new forum board details. Again, from the drop-down menu, choose the platform you are migrating to. Provide new website URL address and set up the connection. Even if you don’t have a target forum board created, you can try the automated migration and move phpBB data to the test website.

phpBB migration

5. On this step, you can try Free Demo migration and move some phpBB entities to the new discussion board for free. Use mapping option and press “Start Free Demo Migration.”

phpBB migration

6. Easily track the process of migration right on your screen.

phpBB migration

7. Check out how the migration worked for your phpBB website and launch the final phpBB migration.

phpBB migration

8. That’s it! Now all your phpBB data is safely moved to the new discussion board. Enjoy gaining new experience!

phpBB migration

Summing Up

I know that being lazy is not the way to success, but why don’t you leave tiring work to the automated tools and spend time doing something more creative and pleasant. In our fast-moving world, every single minute is as valuable as gold, that’s why we constantly improve our aisite service to make your life easier and save precious time.

Don’t wait up! Set up Free Demo migration right now and become a step closer to the forum of your dream!

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