The Easiest Way to Migrate from B2evolution to WordPress [Tutorial]

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If you are looking for the ways to bring some new ideas and possibilities to your web project, you are at the right place. Sometimes just upgrading your CMS platform or adding some new plugins may be not enough. Instead, migrating from one platform to another is a good option for those who want to completely change the look and functioning, yet save content of their web project.

To be more specific, let’s look at two particular CMS platforms – B2evolution and WordPress. Some of the most basic, yet very important things that users look for in a CMS platform are the simplicity of use, extensive possibilities of customization and reliable security system. Let’s compare the two platforms in terms of these three factors.

Simplicity of use. WordPress has a 1-click installer and a very easy set up process, allowing even people with little experience to start their web project easily. An intuitive and user friendly interface is also among the advantages of this platform. By contrast, B2evolution is a little bit more complex. Its core system of stub files requires code-editing and thus may be more difficult to understand. This may be attributed to the fact that B2evolution is actually the WordPress predecessor, so WP has taken the best out of it.

Customization. WordPress offers hundreds of themes, widgets and plugins so that the customers can personalize and customize their websites as they want. B2evolution, on the other hand, has no open source templates available. In addition, B2evolution does not support pre-made templates, which is quite inconvenient for designers.

Finally, WordPress offers many more anti-spam plugins than B2evolution, which contributes to its security.

So if you are using B2evolution as your CMS platform and want to transfer to WordPress, there is an easy way to do this. With aisite migration service you will experience no difficulties, for the migration process is fully automated and really quick. You will be able to import all of your content including posts, categories, tags, comments, content images, users and even internal links to your new platform only in 15 minutes.

Here is how you can do this

Video Tutorial

Step 1. Register an account at

Step 2. The second step is to identify the Source and Target website URLs.

In our case, the Source is b2evolution and the Target is WordPress.

Step 3. Create a connection between your websites with the help of the bridge file.

  • Download it to your PC
  • Unzip it
  • Connect your web sites via FTP and upload the file to the top folders of both sites.

Step 4. Choose your extra migration options.

The free options include:

  • Clearing current data on your Target web site
  • Making URLs SEO-friendly
  • Fixing the broken relationships in the database
  • Creating thumbnail after migration
  • Fixing internal links after migration

Step 5. Try free Demo Migration.

With this option you will be able to see how the service works and check the actual results on your website. Note, you will track the migration process in your browser window.

Step 6. Proceed with your Full Migration.

Only with one mouse click you can transfer all of your content from B2evolution to WordPress and enjoy your new possibilities.
So why wait? Try the aisite free Demo and make your web project better right now with WordPress!

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