The CMS SEO Requirements Checklist

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Search engines are currently becoming more and more sophisticated and complex, making SEO-optimization quite a tricky task. It goes without saying that for those willing to present serious competition to their rivals on the web – search marketing is of top priority. There are many things to keep in mind about the optimization process and a number of them depend on the CMS platform used. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to be familiar with the essential SEO requirements of modern CMS solutions.

As search engines constantly refine their algorithms, the tactics of SEO management should change as well. A CMS perfectly fitting you in terms of SEO a couple of years ago – now may be lacking some functionality and in fact, harming you to effectively promote your content. That is why careful attention should be paid to assessing different elements that need to be optimized for the SEO management. But what are those elements designed to help get your content seen?

Some of the tasks that superb CMS should be able to accomplish in terms of search engine optimization:

  • Easily configurable URLs;
  • No URL duplication;
  • Possibilities to optimize the site’s speed;
  • Flexible categorization features;
  • Personalizable meta descriptions;
  • Integration with Webmaster and analytics tools, etc.

Willing to learn more about the important CMS SEO requirements? Look through the infographic below developed by The State of Digital.

The CMS SEO Requirements Checklist

Needless to say that for certain websites some of these features are of higher importance than the others, so each user should prioritize them depending on the type of site and choose a CMS platform accordingly.

Note that the chosen piece of software doesn’t have to offer all of the necessary features built-in. Pay attention to the number and variety of extension and plugins available for the considered solutions.

If you feel like your current CMS solution lacks some important SEO-related options, it is a high time to migrate. Check out aisite automated migration service for the safest and most convenient way to move your content to the platform you desire.

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